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    New York World's Fair CD Box set

    Tongeroa, At the risk of sounding stupid, what is the IRC? Frank
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    New York World's Fair CD Box set

    Hello, Can somebody help me on how to find this AMBD newsgroup? Thanks, Frank
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    New York World's Fair CD Box set

    Wow!, Sweet Lou you had to go and tell us how great that set would have been....But let me ask you Sweet lou, how did you obtain this info?, are you on the inside? Moochie
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    New York World's Fair CD Box set

    Hey Ben, How do you suppose he was able to bring an assumably large reel to reel recorder on these rides without being stopped?, in those days they didn`t have small casette recorders.....certainly Disney would have rules such as "no photos or recording"!, and its amazing how much stuff (I just...
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    New York World's Fair CD Box set

    Eric, Thanks so much, you guys never fail to amaze me with your knowledge of hows, whens & wheres of Disney...but let me ask how are these recordings, done professionally or guy with a kiddy type recorder?, I`m surprised that Paul Anderson (editor of Persistence of Vision, and who wrote the...
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    New York World's Fair CD Box set

    Where can I get Ray Dashners CD?
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    I don't like what I`m hearing here "why do you think anybody cares" , well this is what is happening to our whole country, they try to "dumb" us down, so we start to doubt ourselves....I see articles in all newspapers regarding the outrage over "Vault Disney", more so than for any other consumer...
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    Boy I knew General Ursus H. Bear would cme thru.....Please lets all take the time to write to these people and I am commiting to canceling my Disney channel in (1) month if Vault Disney does not come back. At this point 5 showing a month of "Gallegher" seems like a treat! See what they don`t...
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    Urgent message to General Ursus Bear

    General Bear, The news about no more "VAULT DISNEY" is unbelievable, and they were always repeating the same #$%$# shows ! < its time to stop the insanity, General I ask you you round up the troops and lets all fight these changes and hurt them where they know their pocketsits time...
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    "Imagineering" show on Travel Channel tonite

    Hello to all my friends, I just wanted to let you guys (and gals) , know that tonite on the Travel channel is (2) Disney shows (1) is about Imagineering and the one right after it , is about Tokyo Disney Sea, whicj should be great! the time are 9pm and 10pm (NY time). I know I am looking...
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    Tokyo Disney Sea CDs

    Joe, I just recieved (7) Cd`s from Cd japan, (they are great to deal with) , the album in which you refer to is in all english, and is some of the best park music i have heard, I highly recommend it.... Thanks, Frank
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    What are the must haves of the available Theme park compilation cd`s, DCA , Disneyland or Disney world? and would anybody have the Deliv-ears #? Thanks, Frank
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    Nedd help with new "Small World" & others...

    Hello to all my Valued Disney friends, I hope somebody can help me, I want to make a purchase thru "CDJAPAN", but I would like your opinions as to what is worth buying and also what is in English!, I am inquiring about the following titles: Tokyo...
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    100 years of magic theme

    Hey what the symphony suites that were supposed to coincide with the 100 year celebration?, also what is the # for WDW mail order? Thanks, frank :o
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    Disney music on "Morpheus"