Nedd help with new "Small World" & others...


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Hello to all my Valued Disney friends, I hope somebody can help me, I want to make a purchase thru "CDJAPAN", but I would like your opinions as to what is worth buying and also what is in English!, I am inquiring about the following titles: Tokyo Disneyland on parade 100 years of magic (avcw12111) ,Tokyo Disneyland Starlight magic 2000 (avcw12143), Tokyo Diisneyland music album 2001 (avcw12224), Tokyo Disneysea music album (avcw12233), Tokyo Disney sea (avcw12271),Tokyo Disneysea Aquasphere (awcw12269),Tokyo Disneyland "Its a small world" (avcw12284),Tokyo Disney sea Mermaid lagoon (avcw12283), and thats it!, I appreciate any help, cuz its a lot of money to spend, and they do not indicate what is in japanese or english... Thanks again, Frank
aaaaaand, while we're at it...........

Can anyone give ME more info about:

Disney On Classic CD

Bossa Disney

Techno Disney CD

also from the CDJapan website.

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Ok, where to start.

TDL 100 Years of Magic Parade = Completely in English
TDL Starlight Magic 2000 = Mostly instrumentals, but all intros are in English
TDL Music Album = Mostly in Japanese, but some English
TDS Music Album = Completely in English
TDS Theme Music = Half Japanese, Half English
TDS Aquasphere = All instrumentals, so no worries about language here
TDL It's a Small World = See posts about that CD. Various languages are represented
TDS Mermaid Lagoon = Again, mostly instrumentals, but the tracks with any vocals are all in English

Now for the other 3 CD's...

Disney on Classic CD is pretty good. It's instrumentals of favorite Disney songs. It's not done in "Classical" style, so the title is a little confusing. It's more like the "Disney's Instrumental Impressions" CD that we got over here, but this one is better.

Bossa Disney is a strange one, but I like it. It's Disney songs done in the Brazilian "Bossa Nova" style. Most of the artists are Brazilian and they lend a totally authentic feel to the tracks. They also sing most of the lyrics in Portugese.

Hyper Techno Disney...Umm....let's just say this isn't one of my favorites. It's the stranges mix of Disney songs I've ever heard and some of them are completely unrecognizeable as Disney tunes. If you like house and techno Dance music then you might like it, but if you're looking for familiarity from the Disney tunes you would be better off buying any of the Eurobeat Disney CD's. The Hyper Techno Disney CD is pretty hardcore. One of the tracks sounds like white noise!
Great information Ben C.!


Wait a minute - should I be thanking you?

Now I have 3 more CD's that I "need" to get! ;)

But seriously, your information is just what I wanted to hear.

I love the Instrumental Impressions CD so knowing that the "Classical" CD is even better is music to my ears (double pun intended!)

Even though you gave the Hyper Techno Disney CD a negitive-ish review it intrigues me all the more now!

I think it will be great to get all 3 at the same time, throw them in the CD player and hit shuffle !!!!!!


Ben, can you tell me what the track listing is for the "Disney On Classic" CD? I wonder if these are the same orchestra intrumentals that were done in the early nineties? I have a couple of CDs of intrumenatal Disney music from Japan called "Disney Orchestra Romance", "Disney Orchestra Fantasy" and "Disney Orchestra Collection". They really beautiful orchestra performances of Disney classics. Do you know if it's a re-issue of these tracks?

Thanks, Chris


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Actually, the "Disney on Classic" CD is all new stuff that was specifically done for Walt's 100th Birthday. There were 4 CD's in the series and each one focuses on a different musical style.

"Disney Meets Jazz" w/Gil Goldstein & Friends - This is all-new stuff and is one of the best Disney Jazz albums out there!

"Bossa Disney" - which I detailed above.

"Disney Age @ D_100 Cafe" - What can I say about this one? It's very strange and I don't even know what category to put it in other than to say that it's very "Japanese". Maybe it's like Japanese Lounge Music? It was released as part of this 4 CD series, and to coincide with the opening of the Disney Age @ D_100 Cafe store and line of merchandise to celebrate Walt's 100th. Not only is this CD strange, but so is the merchandise!

And Finally "Disney on Classic" - Here is the track listing for that...
1. The Lion King Suite
Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Endless Night
Hakuna Matata
Circle of Life
2. Alice in Wonderland
3. A Whole New World
4. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
5. Beauty and the Beast Suite
Beauty and the Beast
Be Our Guest
If I Can't Love Her
6. Colors of the Wind
7. When You Wish Upon a Star
8. Baby Mine
9. Princess Medley
So This is Love
Kiss the Girl
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Part of Your World