Urgent message to General Ursus Bear


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General Bear, The news about no more "VAULT DISNEY" is unbelievable, and they were always repeating the same #$%$# shows ! < its time to stop the insanity, General I ask you you round up the troops and lets all fight these changes and hurt them where they know it...in their pocketsits time we stop talking and do something. And to thing "Nickleodeon" is free and Disney Channel is a "Premium" channel. General bear let me know what I and the little people of the world can do to help things..... Thank you
There isn't much we can do but write! There isn't really a place to protest...is there? ;)

But I do ask - anyone who has time, write to Disney. We can't lose Walt...and he's the kinda guy we need now.

Bring back Vault Disney! Bring back Walt's Spirit!