"Imagineering" show on Travel Channel tonite


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Hello to all my friends, I just wanted to let you guys (and gals) , know that tonite on the Travel channel is (2) Disney shows (1) is about Imagineering and the one right after it , is about Tokyo Disney Sea, whicj should be great! the time are 9pm and 10pm (NY time). I know I am looking forward to these shows, since Disney seems never to make & show these kind of programs. Thanks, Frank

Alex K

Great thanks! Just caught the shows! Wish I had digital cable though, my picture is just slightly snowy today.

Yes, why doesn't Disney produce such shows themselves?


Thanks for the heads up on these great shows. Everytime I see the quality and imagination that went into Disney's Seas I'm amazed! And afterward I get mad that Eisner and Pressler have such a low opinion of the american public that they think they can get away with giving us Disney's Cut Rate...oh.. I mean California Adventure. It shows how the current Disney managment is totally out of touch with its customers while the folks at the Oriental Land Company really know what their public wants.

Thanks again for the lead on these interesting shows. Is'nt pathetic that Disney is so stupid that it doesn't even know how to promote their own parks with quality shows like these....and they own ABC! Excuse me while I dream about visiting Disney Seas and cry for us in California stuck with the embarrassing California Adventure. :'(


Did any of you see the show the night after on disney's Animal Kingdom? It was intresting, but reminded me of how Disney theming went, well...to the animals!

Jessica L

Fantasmic, are you saying that the theming in AK is poor?