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    Suggestions for visiting a.b.m.d.?

    Hiya Jeff! ;D For the server, check first to see if your ISP offers free usenet access. Most ISPs do, especially the broadband ones, but sometimes the quality of those servers is kind of lacking. Usually you can find out about them by going to the ISP's tech support page. If you don't mind...
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    Academy Promos 2004

    There was also a promo on eBay for THE HAUNTED MANSION score by Mark Mancina. Ten tracks, 19:10 running time. Went for a shockingly low $80. Scott
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    Re:WISHES fireworks CD NOT coming...unless

    Contact Info for CD Interest Per a WDW Guest Relations CM I spoke to regarding this issue: E-mail (Use of the form preferred) or directly if you must Postal Mail Walt Disney World Guest...
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday CD-A Preemptive Plea

    I rode HMH several times the past two days and I can confirm that the two scarols not included on the CD - We Three Dracs and He Came Upon A Midnight Drear - were definitely NOT played in the queue, nor were their lyrics posted there. Scott P.S. Le Bat en Rouge had a HUGE stack of HMH CDs...
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    New HMH Score Info

    Update! It appears that as of this evening the music in the Stretching Room has been changed back to last year's music! :o This has been confirmed by several people at the and discussion boards. This is the only part of the ride that has been changed back, the...
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    New HMH Score Info

    I also enjoyed last year's score, and think it worked great in the ride and makes for an awesome standalone listen especially the graveyard "song" :) Bruce Healey and Co. really did another great job. :) However, especially listening again now on mp3, it just sounds like they're copying...
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    New HMH Score Info

    Just FYI - Al Lutz posted some info he recieved today at : This year's Nightmare Haunted Mansion will feature a new score adapted from Danny's songs from Nightmare Before Christmas. It was recently recorded by John Debney, who has previously adapted...
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    Any word yet on HMH?

    What? You mean this year's HMH merchandise brochure? ??? No...I haven't seen that yet and I can't even find it on Google...would anyone be kind enough to post scans or point me to a link? Thanks, sb
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    Radio Disney ?

    Although I never listened to Radio Disney (;)) I was able to meet Mark and Zippy at the park several times and they were very nice guys - funny and entertaining. Sorry to hear of their "departure"...please keep me posted if you find out anything... Best, sb
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    Club 33 music

    The mp3s you downloaded probably originated from the now-defunct "Disneyland Forever" kiosks at the park. If you're not familar with the system, they allowed people to choose from park and attraction music and put them on a custom CD at the kiosks. Quite a valuable resource to Disney music fans...
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    Space Mountain Music Question

    I'm sure you've alo noticed, but listening to it again myself it's quite obvious that a very large portion of the score is also nearly identical to parts of Williams' score to E.T. as well. Right down to the trumpet fanfare and the fast-bowing strings. ;) I've never heard that McNeely score...
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    Space Mountain Music Question

    According to the official technical specs for the ride and the ride's information sheets, the attraction music was written by film an TV composer/orchestrator Steve Bramson. It is not available on any Disneyland Paris CD that I have or know of, but it has circulated as a series of mp3s. Also...
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    New Mr. Lincoln Music?

    Was just at Disneyland yesterday (Saturday 6/29) and had my first chance to see the "new" Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln. Was the music that plays during the "preshow" video and underscores the show itself original music written for the attraction or was it tracked from something else (it...