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Just FYI - Al Lutz posted some info he recieved today at :

This year's Nightmare Haunted Mansion will feature a new score adapted from Danny's songs from Nightmare Before Christmas. It was recently recorded by John Debney, who has previously adapted Elfman's themes on film scores such as Spy Kids.

I'm personally really excited not only that Elfman's music is being used (but of course we already knew that) but that Debney did the arrangement! His score to Phantom Manor at DLP is fantastic and his Spectromagic score and film work always provide a great listen. ;D

Looking forward to October 4,
I dunno... but I didn't see a real reason to change the score for this Holiday attraction... I think it was a perfect. It was new... it was fresh... it was playfull, yet sinister... it will be interesting to see if the Danny Elfman score will be fresh enough for us repeat visitors...

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I also enjoyed last year's score, and think it worked great in the ride and makes for an awesome standalone listen especially the graveyard "song" :) Bruce Healey and Co. really did another great job. :)

However, especially listening again now on mp3, it just sounds like they're copying Elfman, especially if you're familar with his non-NBC film work. Scrooged, Pee-Wee, Edward Scissorhands all come to mind, and were even obvious my first trip on the ride last year. I think that a proper arrangement and rendition of Elfman's NBC score would work wonders in the attraction. I'm at the very least optimistic.

Begging Sandy Claws for both versions on CD...

Scary Christmas,
Well.... just got back from the Haunted Mansion Holiday v.2

Although it was nice to have Danny Elfman's score in it, it was also *very* distracting. They were playing the score too loud that you couldn't hear the narration very well.

Also, it wasn't any of Danny Elfman's recognizable melodies in the score. it was the really non-descript orchestrations and it just seemed very confusing to listen to.

I definately liked last year's music better! :-

Of course... this still won't stop me from bringing folks to see this new holiday tradition...


The new score makes the ride a little darker, especially the stretching room, which has a lot more of the dark and less of the whimsy....not that I MIND ;)

Ive been listening to the music all day today and I only just recently realized that the foyer music was a slower elegant version of Making Christmas. The Stretching room sounds like a darker (ink dark) version of Making Christmas, but you really have to listen. Then you come out of it into the a great bouncy version of Kidnap the Sandy Claws, that works really well with the narration. Then there are 4 (or 5) versions of that theme, the hallway version (music only), the load version (children's choir), and then the evil plant version (evil plant choir).

I dont recognize the Madam Leota music yet but its probably ANOTHER version of the theme. The ball room has a really great waltz version of the theme, then "Whats This" plays in the attic, then there is a variation on last years theme in the graveyard, because it sounds like most of the character tracks are the same and they still have the GGG ending where evryone screams.

Once I started hearing the themes, I really warmed up to the music, but I didnt hear the themes at first either. They are there and they are major ones, But now I think I like this version better. Its darker, more interesting and its bouncier, sort of (Although Im not sure if the stretching room really works as well as last year's).

Not that I didnt love last years too, which was great but It was kind of like buying one of those "story of.." albums of a Disney film and having it contain no music from movie, now the ride has a strong tie to the movie and more of a sinister edge that last years lacked.

But each person is going to have his favorite version of the music and thats the way it should be.

One thing that urks me though is that now that they have those safety spiels they had to cut out the opening lines of the poem on the Doom Buggies...grrr.

For anyone with a recording device, go up to the gallery and stand in the HMH room in the back (where the Space Mt model used to be) they play 3 versions of the theme on a loop and you can get a pretty good recording as long as there isnt everyone and his mother talking in there.

Ps. Isnt "Unlike no other" a double negative? And Bad english?? Shouldnt it be "unlike ANY other"? ;)


I just got back from LA and my visit to Disneyland resulted in 4 trips through the Haunted Mansion. ;D Since I did not experience the ride last year I can't comment on the music used in Haunted Mansion Holiday v.1, I can say that I really liked the soundtrack of the ride they are using now. I've always been a big fan of the score of "Nightmare Before Christmas" and I loved the way the themes weaved their way throughout the ride. I specifically loved the music and mix in the graveyard section.

There certainly isn't much new going on at the "magic kingdom" at this time with a lot of my favorites down for rehab. However the Haunted Mansion Holiday made the trip worth while! Try to catch it if you can. I sure hope they put out a CD of the music.


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:mad: I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed "unlike no other"! Geez, that's something the writers should have learned in English composition 101...

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It appears that as of this evening the music in the Stretching Room has been changed back to last year's music! :eek: This has been confirmed by several people at the and discussion boards.

This is the only part of the ride that has been changed back, the rest of the ride's music remains the same.



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Does anyone have the new HMH music for 2002?

I dont think that it fits the ride very well,
but I think it will still be a great listen.

I would like to see if I could find the new music to add to
my HMH 2001 collection.