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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: Extinct Attractions Question I am convinced now that Disney IS in silent partnership with him to cash in on material that is roaming around the internet for free and that they cannot package and let him do the dirty work.... Far fetched?? 3349
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: Dave O'Neal's New Book LOL....You guys are brutal............keep it up!
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    New WDW Book

    I have to agree that it started out as a great read and then jsut got really boring and it began to read like a guidebook towards the end. But it did make me think and post this question: What would Walt Disney World and Orlando, for that matter, be like today wihtout Eisner"s influence on...
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    NEW O'Canada Film, first showing today at 11 AM :) Spoilers ahead

    I fianlly caught the film and I have to say it was not that bad......but I have to agree with a lot of replies that why does everything have to be full of shrekesque wise ass jokes? But I then I think we have to remind ourselves this: Are any 360 movies memorable? They all are a little...
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    What is the big deal with High School Musical?

    Just saw a clip of the sequel......same thoughts....probably worse than the first one.
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    What is the big deal with High School Musical?

    I know...I know it's for kids and it's this generations Grease.....but I made myself watch it last night and I have to say the music is REALLY bad! At least Grease had some good melodies. Oh I am showing my age...melodies...remember those?
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    1979 Walt Disney World parade..

    Does anyone remeber the name of the parade that ran in the wdw magic kingdom around 1979 I remember it had a train and Minnie Mouse on a swing.. Thanks for your help!
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: Extinct Attractions Question Give him a break....With everything the disney corporation shuts down and dose not release, let's enjoy some of the gems he has produced.
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    Please help..Magical Music OF WALT DISNEY 4 RECORD Set

    Hello everyone. Can anyone tell me if this album set was ever realeased on cd??? Thanks
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    NEW Pete's Dragon, Tron & Camarata CD's

    I have ordered cds via phone before and they are a little pompous. ALmost to the point that they expect you to know everything about every cd they have without asking!
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    OT-Cinderella Castle Golden Herpes Sores

    Does anybody know when those awful golden herpes sores will be removed from Walt Disney WOrl's castle? The continuing dress up of the beatiful structure is getting annoying.
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    Song of the SOuth announcement

    You are absolutley right!
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    Song of the SOuth announcement

    continuation.... we can't view Song of the South because of the way people talk.....
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    Song of the SOuth announcement

    I wonder what the The Walt Disney Company says when a child asks their parents where the characters on Splash Mountain came from. I am of Italian-American descent and view shows like the Sopranos with the notion that some Italian-Americans DO act like they are portrayed. Even though it shows...
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    Song of the SOuth announcement

    Maybe this has been discussed before, but the announcement of Song of the SOuth not being released anytime soon based on Iger's reaction to viewing it made me think of a few questions: What scenes disturbed him? And can't a tar baby be just that............................................a...