OT-Cinderella Castle Golden Herpes Sores


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Does anybody know when those awful golden herpes sores will be removed from Walt Disney WOrl's castle?

The continuing dress up of the beatiful structure is getting annoying.

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Tell us how you really feel about em...

I for one never liked WDW's castle very much. The verticality is a nice change from DL's, but the gray and blue are just too drab and flat. I think the gold they added looks interesting, at least from the photos I've seen. At least it's not the My Little Pony Castle that we have at DL, or worse, a Giant Cake.


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The gold accents, pixie dust, characters, and the stained glass window are all in place for the duration of the Happiest Celebration on Earth here at Walt Disney World.



I was down at WDW in January and shot some photos of the castle overlay. I'd say it's not horrible, but I'm also glad it's temporary. They might have overdone it on the gold coloring, but anything is better than a pink birthday cake!


More of my photos/thoughts on the castle