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    A Shameless "me too" - Narnia Deals with Disney

    WETA Digital is doing the visual effects...or at least providing input. It's unclear at this point to what degree they will be involved...only that they will be. Oh, and as far as Jerry Bruckheimer goes, it's great that he's not afraid to spend on a production and it's obvious to everyone that...
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    A Shameless "me too" - Narnia Deals with Disney

    To be fair, way back in the day when we heard that they were going to film "Lord of the Rings,"weren't most of us HIGHLY skeptical? And Peter Jackson didn't exactly inspire confidence at that point either. I was a huge fan of the BBC radio adaptation (with Ian Holm as Frodo) and thought the...
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    Pixar going 2D?

    That sounds like the ideal situation...and thus must be totally fictional. ;) The thought of Lasseter and Bird working in Disney FA is just too good to be true.
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    OT:Michael Eisner on Larry King

    Actually the only big-name TV journalist that I've consistently seen asking the tough questions lately is Diane Sawyer. She grilled Bush and Mel Gibson, asking the uncomfortable questions and not accepting pat answers. I'd love to see her go a round with Eisner. Too bad she works for ABC.
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    OT: "Victory Through Air Power" Screening

    Just a reminder: VTAP will be on the "Disney Treasures: On the Front Lines" DVDs coming out in less than a month.
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    The Wonderland Music Store

    When can we expect to see some song lists? Will the machines be rolled out at WDW as well?
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    The Land BGM

    Ya gotta love Epcot in the early days. So quaint. "Yes, they are lemons, oranges, and grapes...But they are lemons, oranges, and grapes *dramatic flourish* OF THE FUTURE!!!" "By the way, have you seen our hydroponic beets and shrimp in a tube over at The Land? They're of the future too, I think."
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    The Land BGM

    Yeah, and I was so sad when Horizons shuttered. Among the many losses, the smell of loranges ("Citrus...OF THE FUTURE!!!"), found nowhere else in Disney (or so I thought). What a surprise to smell it again on a visit to DCA a couple years ago. "What the he....LORANGES!" ;)
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    The Land BGM

    True, but it's the seating that makes it exceptionally cool, not just the big, immersive screen.
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    The Land BGM

    Hey, I'll be glad to get a "Soarin'..." clone at WDW, especially if the only thing we have to give up for it is Food Rocks. Was never a fan. "Soarin' Over California" on the other hand is one of the few highlights of DCA and a ride totally unlike anything else at DL or WDW, not least of which...
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    The Land BGM

    Maybe the best way to get started on this would be to compile a list of all files from "The Land" known to be floating around the Net and then collectively try to identify what part of the pavilion they come from. I've got a collection of about 20 or so Land tracks that I got off IRC. I'm sure...
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    Horizons question.

    Grizzly, Don't be too sad. I'd wager we have a better than average chance of "Highways of Tomorrow" showing up on the Disney Treasures Tomorrowland DVD coming out later this year.
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    Op-ed on why Eisner should be ousted...

    The Tragic Kingdom The Economist thinks Michael Eisner's reign as CEO should end too early rather than too late.
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    Disney NEW animated movie - Prince and the Pig

    Hey, don't diss the Tortilla Factory. Those folks gave me a bag of tortillas and a recipe book on my birthday. They rock. ;)
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    OT - I need ya'lls expert input...

    Whatever you do, make sure you change the name of the park and/or ride. They can be similar, but remove any overt references or you do run the risk of pissing off Disney's legal department.