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    New addition to Epcot entrance loop

    I don't remember hearing the Soarin' theme, but upon exiting the park (after listening to, I'M GUESSING, Golden Dream), the music faded into a song previously not on the loop. At first it sounded like the movie score from Finding Nemo, but eventually I couldn't recognize it. Would anyone enjoy...
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    OT: The End of Disney Animation as we knew it.

    This isn't the end of 2-D animation. Cheapquels will still be made in Asia.
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    OT: AA Bird in One Man's Dream

    Thanks -- I had guessed it was the Paul Frees bird as it wears a French beret. ;)
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    OT: AA Bird in One Man's Dream

    I was recently listening to some NY64 World's Fair audio - specifically the Fission/Fusion exhibit hosted by two birds (one voiced by Wally Boag and the other by Paul Frees) - and the audio to that GE exhibit sparked my interest. Does anyone have more information on this specific exhibit, and...
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    OT: Enchanted Tiki Room/Tropical Serenade Questions

    If You Had Wings merged with the Enchanted Tiki Room... whoops. ;) So the audio *was* changed when United dropped... thanks. :)
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    OT: Enchanted Tiki Room/Tropical Serenade Questions

    Greetings -- couple Tiki Room questions for any historians out there. 1) In the original Walt Disney World Tropical Serenade (1971), what did the birds in the preshow discuss? 2) When Eastern Airlines dropped sponsorship of the Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room (before Dole Pineapple picked up in...
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    Music For the Land Pavilion

    ET and Pearl Harbor have *NOTHING* to do with the themes behind the Land: food production and man's cooperation with nature. Then again, it fits with the rest of the new pavilion. Because the new food court doesn't fit, either. ::) :-[ ::)
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    What I'd Put On A Musical History Of WDW Set

    Grizzlyhall's 6 Disc-Set proposal... ;) DISC ONE: Main Street, USA & Adventureland 1. All Aboard! 2. Seventy-Six Trombones 3. Dapper Dans Track 4. Main Street Area Music Track 5. Rhythm Rascals Track 6. Pianist Track 7. Adventureland Area Music Track 8. Swisskapolka 9. Tropical Serenade, Barker...
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    New Magic Kingdom Entrance Loop

    The new one includes Belle Colors of the Wind It's a Small World (DLP) Yo Ho (hornpipe) Heigh Ho (same as previous loop) Black Little Rain Cloud
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    Cast Member discount for 50% off? Where do you work? ;)
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    New music for The Land?

    Waterfalls and birds are better than birds... But I would rather hear music if those black speakers now stick out against the newly white wall. . .
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    20 More Seconds of Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow?

    Looks like the new WDW Official Album has 3:00 of each Carousel of Progress song. The previous released version of "GBBT" ran 2:40. Are there any differences between the newer and previous release? :D
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    Country Bears need some aural refurbishment

    The bears aren't THAT bad off (at all) .. if they are, it's something VERY recent, and maintenance should be contacted ASAP. ;)
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    New music for The Land?

    Dr.Know: Anything is possible... Future Epcot-goers: help us out! BLM07: I know... bad show, right? ::)
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    New music for The Land?

    Are you sure, Dr. Know? I was just told that the interior loop is no longer playing... and that it has been replaced with "Land sound effects," such as birds chirping... Say it isn't so!