OT: AA Bird in One Man's Dream

I was recently listening to some NY64 World's Fair audio - specifically the Fission/Fusion exhibit hosted by two birds (one voiced by Wally Boag and the other by Paul Frees) - and the audio to that GE exhibit sparked my interest.

Does anyone have more information on this specific exhibit, and per chance does the Audio-Animatronic bird in "One Man's Dream" come from this show?

Thanks! :)

X-S Tech

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I have a love hate relationship with the Fission/Fusion Show. Love that they included (or did they if it was never "released"?) such a rare bit, but hate what a horrible song it is, rhyme, tune, and meter. Other than that I can't tell you anything.

I can tell you that the bird in the exhibit, is just a standard Tiki Toucan so I don't expect that WDI stored a certain one away for years just because it appeared in the NYWF show. Most likely they just grabbed a Tiki bird because it's controls were relatively simple for the guest to do. Just guessing though.
It is the same bird used in the television show. Walt talks to it, and Wally's voice is used. They (Walt and the bird) discuss the correct pronunciation of Audio-Animatronics.
no, but everything else is the same. (necktie, coloring, paint on bill, perch)