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    Check out my Disneyland Records Blog

    Seeing Ronn's blog inspired me to start my own blog. I only have one post (so far) about Disney music - but I'm sure that there will be more to come, and in the meantime you can look at some of the other Disney items in my collection. On Ronn's blog I especially...
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    A History of the Official Album

    WOW! This is a great post for me as I'm kinda 'new-ish' to really collecting park music. My first park CD was the 100 Years Of Magic CD from 2001 (bought off of eBay) and when I was in WDW in October of 2007 I bought the 2006 'Where Magic Lives' 2 CD set. (and a lot more park cd's - LOL...
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    iQuiz on iTunes - a customizable (kinda) Disney music trivia game

    Hey gang, I was checking out the new releases in iTunes today (lol - YES - to look for any new Randy Thorton produced tracks!) and saw that there is a new game for the iPod called iQuiz. I pretty much thought it was just gonna be trivia - which would have been enough for me. It's...
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    Back up and running

    Yea! I hardly ever post - but visit the site two or three times a day, usually reading everything - so I'm very glad you're back up and running!
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    Disneymania 5 Tracklisting

    I've been looking for the tracklisting for awhile now, and finally found it 1. Part Of Your World - Miley Cyrus 2. Two Worlds - Corbin Bleu 3. So This Is Love - The Cheetah Girls 4. I Wan'na Be Like You - Jonas Brothers 5. When She Loved Me - Jordan Pruitt 6. Kiss The Girl -...
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    As long as good, high quality art work is included, I'm fine with getting them through whatever system is put in place.
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    CDs I got in Japan

    They all look great, but now I wanna know what the music is like! Can you give up descriptions of the kinds of music and what songs are featured? THANKS! :)
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    Still need "A Musical History of Disneyland"? RUN to Costco!

    Hey Steve- It was 64.99, which is just a bit above 40% off. I listened to Adventureland last night and am just so impressed with everything!
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    Still need "A Musical History of Disneyland"? RUN to Costco!

    I'm not one who normally waits to get big new releases that I want, but for some reason I held off on "A Musical History of Disneyland". Being more of a Walt Disney WORLD fan i wasn't sure if I'd really get into music from Disneyland. Man, am I glad that I did wait! Today I went to Costco to...
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    Package Films

    Although I do really like ALL of the package films I absolutely love, love, love Make Mine Music. I think that all of the segments are strong - the entire movie, though made up of segments doesn't really feel like a collection of shorts just strung together. I would love to have any or all of...
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    Can you help me with info about CD's from Disney World?

    DisneyFanatic - Thank you, thank you, thank you! HIS is exactly waht I was hoping for although, now I have the 'rough' job of picking which one to get first. ;) You've made this mouseketeer VERY happy! ;D
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    Can you help me with info about CD's from Disney World?

    Thanks Dr. Know - Do you (or anyone else) know of a list or how to find out about ordering them from Disneyland?
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    Can you help me with info about CD's from Disney World?

    Can anyone give me information about the CD's that are available at Walt Disney World? I'm specifically interested in the CD burning kiosks where you can get CD's of the old out of print albums. Is there a list online of what's available in the parks, and is there a way to order them online...
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    Anyone coming to Philly??

    I thought about it also since I live in Lancaster PA (and yes, there is more than just the Amish here! ;) ) but being a weekday and with not a lot of advance notice i couldn't change my work schedule. I'm anxious to read about it and possibly see coverage on the news.
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    'Brother Bear' Best Buy Exclusive track?

    Thanks Steve You've really helped me out!