Still need "A Musical History of Disneyland"? RUN to Costco!

I'm not one who normally waits to get big new releases that I want, but for some reason I held off on "A Musical History of Disneyland". Being more of a Walt Disney WORLD fan i wasn't sure if I'd really get into music from Disneyland.

Man, am I glad that I did wait!

Today I went to Costco to get the Family Guy movie and they had "A Musical History of Disneyland" there, and it was very inexpensive (as far as 6 CD boxed sets with beautiful hardcover books inside go!) LOL

So far I've listened to Main Street and I am in love with the set already! I can't wait to hear all the rest of it!

If you've held back, consider yourself lucky! Whoo-Hoo!


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Fingers crossed that they have it at BJs and my husband finds it before he orders it from Amazon like I already told him to do 4 times .

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Hey Steve-
It was 64.99, which is just a bit above 40% off.

I listened to Adventureland last night and am just so impressed with everything!
Ah, Steve, you could always sell the gold record by itself on Ebay. Probably pay for a new 6CD set at Costco! ;D