Disneymania 5 Tracklisting

I've been looking for the tracklisting for awhile now, and finally found it

1. Part Of Your World - Miley Cyrus
2. Two Worlds - Corbin Bleu
3. So This Is Love - The Cheetah Girls
4. I Wan'na Be Like You - Jonas Brothers
5. When She Loved Me - Jordan Pruitt
6. Kiss The Girl - Ashley Tisdale
7. Second Star To The Right, The - T-Squad
8. Cruella De Vil - Hayden Panettiere
9. Colors Of The Wind - Vanessa Hudgens
10. Go The Distance - Lucas Grabeel
11. Siamese Cat Song, The - B5
12. Reflection - Everlife
13. Let's Get Together - The Go-Go's
14. True To Your Heart - Keke Palmer
15. Find Yourself - Drew Seeley

I have to say - even though I'm one of the few adults who really enjoy this series, I miss the 'big name' - 'real' stars from the first volume.

I do like that the Siamese Cat Song and Let's Get Together are included. It's always nice to see some 'less known' songs featured, but as always - I'll reserve final judgement until I hear the album.


Thanks for posting this tracklist! I can assure you: you are not the only adult enjoying this series ... there is at least two of us ;)

Nevertheless it is true that the choice of performers clearly has changed over the course of the series. When it started I had the impression Disney tried to use the CD to attract non-Disney-fans, non-Disney-Channel-watching-people to buy the CD and thus getting interested in Disney music. Afterall the performers back then had followings outside the world of Disney.

But in the meantime Disney is nearly exclusively recruiting Disney performers for the series. This sure is fine with the already established Disney audience. I am sure the teen / twen crowd buys the series because it features "their stars" from the Disney Channel. This surely is a reasonable target group for a Disney CD release, but I think they sell themselfes short this way. If Disney Channel stars and "regular" pop stars would be mixed they potential target group would be much bigger.

But hey, maybe we will get another "stars performing Disney songs" sooner or later to target the non-Disney-Channel-watching-world ;)

And since we are talking about cover versions: I am surprised that we haven't see anyting like a CD release with cover versions starring the country artists of Disney's Lyric Street. With Rascal Flatts, SheDaisy and Josh Gracin they have already a nice mix of successful country artists and it should be possibel to recruit some performers of other labels to fill a whole CD. A country cover versions CD would be a nice change - after all "Country Stars, Disney Classics" (even so it was only last year re-released in much of Europe) is rather old in the meantime.