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All I want to point out is that it took A LOT of money to pay for royalties for all these tracks (especially the previously unreleased material). It was really hard to get the stuff that we got because the original contracts (for the unreleased material) didn't allow for commercial release. It's not like anyone could pick and choose what could be on it. Randy made a big push to try to clear the material to be released legally. As it was, he released more stuff than would normally be possible. This project went beyond what would be commercially possible to do. They even had to have royalties cut back to make it possible to sell the set for the price that is sold for. Maybe your ideal box set with even more rarities would have cost twice as much even for the same number of CDs.
Let me tell you that we really got lucky that Disney Records spent the amount they did for this project. I just hope they make their money back so they'll authorize more similar projects.
So next time you wonder why everything you ever wanted was not on the box set, remember that it's not just a matter of picking and choosing. Long legal battles must be one to start with. We got a LOT of material. I can't think of anything historically important that was left out.
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Good point Louis. Again I hope Randy or anyone from WDR reading knows that the set is a dream come true. It's just too tempting to think of what might have been....or could be the next time a big anniversary rolls around (WDW's 35th?).

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Regardless of how much was paid in royalties by Disney in order to bring the 50th CD set to market, and regardless of how hard Randy Thornton worked on it, there are still valid criticisms to be made, as well as valid compliments to be given. I can live with the reverb even though it's weird, the high-pitched noises on some of the tracks make them unlistenable--another company would've pressed new discs and started an exchange program because it's a defect.
Regarding the Golden Horseshoe show, it really should NOT have been on the set. I can listen to Wally Boag many times, but that Irish tenor stuff from Donald Novis curdles my cream. And, in chosing what other things might have been placed into that huge chunk of time, one need only look at the 13-CD bootleg set that was available on the Internet for awhile to see how an artfully done recreation of the ENTIRE Indiana Jones attraction, or the Disneyland Railroad narration, would have been much better choices with greater repeatability.
Finally, Disneyland on the 17th was perfect: a brief ceremony to mark the date and, more importantly, a beautiful day to go on lots of rides and appreciate the parks exactly as Walt would have wanted us to do. It was not more crowded than most busy days, and if you entered early and hit the rides, you would have been able to ride the new Jungle Cruise, Indy, Pirates, Mansion, then go to Splash and get Fastpasses, Big Thunder Mountain, and on and on, as my friend and I did, all with no problem. It was a lovely day indeed.


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You dont' want ME as your body guard and you know it . Though you really should...I've had 6'4", 350+ lb psychatric patients SCARED of me. And my reputation of being a b*tch to the freaks at the Adventurers Club is historical in and of itself. But you still don't want me to be your body guard, I betcha.

Really have nothing to say about the set, since I don't have it. If a certain husband of mine is smart, I'll have it for Christmas though .

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OK, OK......after some soul-searching, I'll offer an opinion.....even though I've defended the Golden Horseshoe's place on the set--given a choice--I would've opted for a selection of previously unreleased material--but that didn't sound like it was an option anyway.

You don't need any bodyguards from my perspective, Bill--it's been a great discussion.

C'mon, guys--I was just trying to be brutally honest with myself......and then came those recurring nightmares about losing my wife......I finally realized the choice I had to make.

My son knows there is still good in me......only he can save me now......may the force be with me.