A few more Epcot BGM questions...


There always seems to be a question about the location of loops played in and around the Imagination pavilion...

I can tell you that this one definitely plays/played outdoors -- namely because you can hear birds and other outdoor ambient audio bleeding through during the recording... but whether or not it is or was also played indoors is another question entirely.


X-S Tech

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There are two seperate loops taht play at the Imagination Pavillion. The one you are discussing does play outside (at least as of my last trip in April this year) and there is another one which plays inside the ImageWorks. My guess is that the Imageworks loop is similar but I did notice that it contains the "Makin Memories" as part of the loop. There could be more. This is not, it should be noted, the original loop that used to play in and around the pavillion.