2 Archive Collections on iTunes


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Right now it's only midnight on the east coast, but I thought I'd check iTunes for new Nov. 7 archive material.

At first, I could only find a couple of LPs that had been there before (such as Burl Ives), but then I stumbled onto Disney Archive Collection volume 1 & 2.

Okay, I was hoping to see full albums, but the vol. 1 set is an awesome collection. Thurl Ravenscroft singing "The Headless Horseman?" Yes, please! A new Von Drake track! Yes! Okay, I'm a happy camper.

Vol. 2 is aimed at a whole different crowd. Let's just say "Current Disney Channel" and leave it at that.

I see WonderlandMusicFan found an album I hadn't. I'm heading back to iTunes to check that one out!

Okay, this is just the beginning, and Nov. 7 is just underway, so I'm sure hoping to see more. If more whole albums don't show, I'm going to be disappointed. But, even so, the pain is eased by the fact that the Thurl Ravenscroft track is one of the greatest things I've ever heard!!!!!
So far I have located the following classic Disneyland/Vista LP's on iTunes (there may be more, but no overall category exists to search)!:

Annette's Beach Party
Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills
Highlights from the Mickey Mouse Club
Songs From the Mickey Mouse Club Serials
Camarata: Alice in Wonderland
Mary Martin: Hi-Ho
Professor Ludwig VonDrake
Mickey Mouse Disco
Louis Armstrong: Disney Songs the Satchmo Way
Camarata: Tutti's Trumpets
Ukelele Ike Sings Again
A Child's Garden of Verses
Mike Curb Congregation: Disney's Greatest Hits
Burl Ives Sings Chim Chim Cer-ee and Other Children's Choices
Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland

Walt Disney Records Archive Collection Volume 1 (various Disneyland/Vista sampler - some rare tracks) (Vol 2 is just new Channel stuff)
I have wanted clean cuts from Mickey Mouse Serials for ages - - thanks, Randy!

I noticed no Wonderland system film soundtracks yet (Parent Trap, Babes in Toyland, etc - which were good sellers) - so I'm hoping for a juicy wave 2... and even more Annette!


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I, also, hoped Babes in Toyland would be available (seeing as I neglected to buy it at Disneyland *just* before the system shut down), but what's there is a great start. I'm very, very glad the Camarata Alice album made it, as well as Annette, Von Drake and the Mouse Club LPs.

Thanks, Randy - it's great to see this material becoming so widely available! The Headless Horseman track made my day - What an awesome surprise!

Hope to see more soon!