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    How Many CDs Does the Average Collector Have?

    Re: How many CD's does the average collector have? Wow, another great post...I consider myself a collector of Disney Soundtracks...whatever is available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, etc., and whatever I can find that isn't readily available thru WDR's weird and wonderful relationship...
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    Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

    And out the the 3,000 limited issue discs, over 2,000 have already been pre-ordered - that is a pretty good sign for a Disney/Touchstone release that flopped at the box office.
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    iTunes Wish List - Soundtracks/Vintage Disneyland LP's

    Re: Itunes Wish List - Soundtracks/ Vintage Disneyland LP's Well if we really need soundtracks/vintage LP's here is my list: Song of the South (WDL-4001/DQ-1205) A Child's Introduction to Melody and Instuments of the Orchestra (DQ-1232) All The Songs from The Sword in the Stone (DQ-1236)...
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    iTunes Wish List - Soundtracks/Vintage Disneyland LP's

    Re: Itunes Wish List - Soundtracks/ Vintage Disneyland LP's While i'd like to see vintage soundtracks that have been available on LP released on CD or iTunes, i'm still shooting for unreleased material that hasn't been avalible on either format. Yes, the story of Snow White without the 'Magic...
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    iTunes/Park Cd question for Randy

    Randy, Thank you soooo much for the 20K soundtrack release - I can also finally put my boot to bed, with this magnificent release. So, can we expect further 'unreleased' soundtracks on iTunes that have previously been available on 'boots' like "Something Wicked This Way Comes", "The Journey of...
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    March ITunes List

    So we are playing the waiting and silence game, SILENCE being the key word.... In Randy's defense, I know record executives don't like to give early release dates out to fans in case they get bumped, so the fans don't riot when the release date isn't met, but at least they give fans some sort...
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    March ITunes List

    ...and we have passed the second Tuesday in May...
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    March ITunes List

    By the way if Disney decided to release THE BLACK HOLE in iTunes without a CD release, maybe (Randy) you can release: THE JOURNEY OF NATTY GANN SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES THE ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD THAT DARN CAT! (1965) HOCUS POCUS and 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA via iTunes...
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    "Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah" partial album from Sony Music Entertainment on iTunes

    Two Silhouettes is close but still a studio recording. Somewhere I stumbled on a studio recording of Johnny Fedora by the Andrews Sisters. Not the film version, but a shortened version. I'd love an official soundtrack release, but I'm sure the "rights" red-tape would be outrageous due to the...
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    March ITunes List

    The silence is deafening...
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    Hey Trent - iTunes

    Trent, When you update the Album Index page, can you include iTunes titles? The iTunes site is a pain to navigate, and it would be great to have a list of titles available.
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    One and Only Genuine Original Family Band QUESTION...

    To my knowledge, only two songs from the soundtrack, both of which you mentioned, have been released on cd. The title should have been a candidate for the Wonderland Music System CD release at Disney Parks, but since that is now obsolete, watch for it to be released (eventually) on iTunes (if...
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    On January 16th More Albums Debut on iTunes

    Why would Disney open its own music download site, when Steve Jobs, APPLE Ceo, and Disney's biggest shareholder has his own music download site (iTunes) that Disney can contribute to. Do some research people!
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    On January 16th More Albums Debut on iTunes

    The Black Hole and Saludos Amigos! Santa must have gotten my list late. Wow, great news indeed. Keep up the good work Randy.
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    Walt Disney Records January iTunes Toons

    Well Randy said the next batch of titles would be releasled to iTunes in January. No specific date was given, but anyone want to speculate on the titles to be released?