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    Late, Great Dal McKennon

    The news reached MOUSE TRACKS that our old buddy Dallas McKennon passed away today, four days short of his 90th birthday. Of course, most of you will recognize his name from the dozens of Disney LP's on which his voice appeared between 1957 and 1971, but his career as an actor went far beyond...
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    Mickey Mouse Disco

    Re: MICKEY MOUSE DISCO question I'm expecting Greg to put in his twopence worth on this topic, as he had the "Kartoon Disko" (I think that's the official spelling) LP long before I ever heard it. I do recall that Paul Whitehead told us it was done circa 1976, and that for some reason they chose...
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    Mouse Tracks question for Greg or Tim

    I will defer to Greg on this one, as I am unfamiliar with the Yachtsmen myself. Of course, there were many of the "occasional" recording artists that we just were unable to research or include due to time and space limitations. Maybe my esteemed colleague will chime in here with a comment or...
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    Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

    Re: Mouse Tracks The Story Off Walt Disney Records No, Bambi Moe is not with Disney these days, but I'm not sure just what she is doing.
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    Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

    Re: Mouse Tracks The Story Off Walt Disney Records As Greg said, thanks for bringing up the subject of the book once again. Since he saw fit to mention my newest one, I'll go ahead and state the full title... AIN'T THAT A KNEE SLAPPER: RURAL COMEDY IN THE 20TH CENTURY. I'm not sure just what...
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    Just finished Mouse Tracks

    Thanks for the kind words on MOUSE TRACKS. Most of the Peanuts specials are being released on DVD even as we speak, so I would be surprised if FLASHBEAGLE does not appear soon... unless it is just considered to be too dated and a product of its era!
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    OT: Dave Oneal's Anaheim Vacation Land review

    I have not seen the book you are all discussing, but since most of my non-MOUSE TRACKS books deal with tourism history, I can offer at least one bit of advice concerning the use of vintage postcards and brochures and such. One thing that is not covered in the Copyright Office's material posted...
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    Robie Lester finally officially acknowledged as singing voice of Duchess

    Greg is right that Robie insisted that the special aired on ABC, but when we went through some of her scrapbook materials, from the ads and articles relating to Winchell's Pinocchio, apparently it was strictly a production of the local Los Angeles ABC affiliate (whatever call letters they were...
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    Re:Greg and Tim, together again for the first time!

    You'll know me because I'm the short one.
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    Can You Name This LP?

    Joseph: Your mission, whether or not you choose to accept it, is to read MOUSE TRACKS: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY RECORDS and commit the whole thing to memory, so that when questions come up in these discussions, you can immediately answer them and Greg Ehrbar and I won't have to go digging...
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    Our dear little friend Robie's version of "Thomasina" wasn't officialy released on vinyl, but the recording by the Wellingtons (a.k.a. the "Gilligan's Island" theme singers) was repurposed on several vinyl LP's over the years. Their version has different lyrics, and in fact a whole different...
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    Vintage Vinyl Xmas Album

    And be sure to read pages 39-44 of MOUSE TRACKS to learn the whole story behind the songs you're hearing.. they will make a whole lot more sense that way! This has been an unpaid, non-political advertisement.
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    Macho Duck Question

    Order MOUSE TRACKS from your favorite book retailer, and you can read the whole story behind "Macho Duck" and the rest of the MM DISCO album. The voice of Donald on that song was Jim Tadevic, who had been playing Donald for several years on productions such as educational films and radio...
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    Mouse Tracks!!!

    Thanks for the most recent comments and compliments on the book. We hope that more and more of you will post your reviews here as you receive your copies. I don't know about Greg, but I guess I never thought to mention that the attractive cover appears only on the softcover version, because I...
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    Mouse Tracks!!!

    And now the news can be told... the book has been released! Order your copy from or TODAY, and make it a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day!