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    OT: Knott's Berry Farm Mystery Lodge Music

    Does anyone know if the soundtrack to this attraction has ever or will ever be released. It is really beautiful and the effects in the show are ridiculous! -Monorail1
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    Non Disney Ride Soundtracks

    I recently purchased a copy of Universal Studios' Conan: Sword and Sorcery Spectacular which was really great. Also, the cd "Back to the Future Trilogy" has the soundtrack to Back the the Future: The Ride. Universal put out on DVD Shrek 4D calling it Shreck 3D and sold it as a compliment to...
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    If you could choose ONE unreleased Disney song to get on CD for Christmas...

    I would love the truncated versions of Iron Will, The Rocketeer, Space Mountain Paris (Mission 1), and the Timekeeper from the Observatron at Disneyland.
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    I have Parade of Dreams!

    Why not, it always livens up the posts. In fact I'll start it. ahem, attention everyone, I have (insert your most coveted track here). Want a copy? Good, you can't have it! ;D
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    Newsgroup Question

    I am sorry to report that SBC does not allow access to binary newsgroups with suffixes such as mp3 or multimedia on its Los Angeles news provider.
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    Bing and Ichabod

    What is the title of the DVD?
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    Illuminations Music Question?

    Just figured out #2 "The Aquarium" from Le Carnival des Animaux [1907] (The Carnival of the Animals Suite) Composer: Camille Saint-Saens Orchestrator: Brad Dechter Arranger: John Debney ;D
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    Illuminations Music Question?

    I have the official album of disneyland and walt disney world from 1997. Since the bulk of Illuminations is a compilation of classical scores I have always wondered what these scores are. Can anyone help me out. I am particularly interested in: 1. 3:39 a swelling of trumpets and strings 2...
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    Bing and Ichabod

    Is the film currently available on DVD?
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    Newsgroup Question

    Re:Newgroup Question Thanks for all the advice Chris, it's been very helpful.
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    Newsgroup Question

    Re:Newgroup Question I had also seen RU42 mention something called #Disney-Central and Distro. do you know what he is referring to? Thanks.
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    Newsgroup Question

    Besides the group alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks, wasn't there another group called alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.sounds or alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.mp3? I'm trying to add them to my server. Thanks.
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    Trailer Music Website

    I just wanted to share with you all a great website I have used for years. I can't tell you how many times I've watched a movie trailer and wondered "Where is that music from?". Well, wonder no more! Go to, click on "resources" in the tool bar on top and click on "trailer...
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    Finally bought Spirited Away Soundtrack

    If any of you haven't listened to this soundtrack you have got to pick it up. As you all know, this Hayao Miyazaji film was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Joe Hisaishi's orchestral score is incredible especially in "Reprise" and the combination of instruments in "The Return" is really...
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    Johnny Appleseed

    Good choice in music. I love "The lord is good to me". I discovered it while listening to "The Music of Disney, A Legacy in Song". ;D