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    Disney at the Macy's Parade - 1 Year Ago

    the happiest place on earth song was part of Disneyland's 2004 Mickey's Magic Kingdom Celebration parade at DLP, they cut it, put it before Walt Disneys Parade of Dreams, and then put it as the grand marshall song in 2005, if your intrested i own the music to this parade and am willing to trade...
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    Whats in Your Disney Music Collection?

    Hi Disney Music Lover's, i decided to start a new topic on here and i wanted to see who and what people have in thier Disney Music Collections at home, state your albums, records, and soundtracks, and boxsets that you own. I would like to see who has the best collection. Here is...
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    Can someone help me???

    what is the Walt Disney World's Deliveears e-mail? or phone number i need these so i can order cd's from them
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    Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Parade (downloads)

    OMG! I absolutely love this song!! I always hear it at the "Happiest Birthdays on Earth" parties@ Disneyland. This parade truly must have been a great one! It sounds so fantastic & upbeat and very magical and I had a previous recording of this parade and the audio was kinda damaged, but the...
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    New Official Albums Soon?

    OMG OMG! This is so EXCITING we get 2 new 2 disc OA's for 2006-2007!!! This is fantastic, i absolutely loved the 50th albums from last year. Tons of new music was released for the 50th so it will be nice to finally see and hear some new stuff. But now to guess what will be on there??? anyone...
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    Exciting News!!! Disney Dreams Music

    oh and i forgot i left something out....A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland park is being re-worked to "Christmas Dreams on Parade" with some floats changed and new music!!! And as of right now there still is no word if Holiday Magic fireworks will be returning this christmas season.
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    Exciting News!!! Disney Dreams Music

    Hello Disney Music Fans, I wanted to share some very exciting information that was released yesterday, that was given to me by one of the imagineers that worked on the 50th celebration at DLR. Disney's Year of a Million Dreams Campaign starts this fall with new entertainment offerings at all the...
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    2 New Tokyo Disneyland CD's!!!!

    Oh and i Just Found Out Some More CD releases coming in Septemeber!!!!! "Big Band Beat" which is the new Broadway Music Theater Show! "Over the Waves", and Tokyo Disney Sea's 5th Anniversary Album (which will be a 2-disc special edition cd)!!! All of these releases sound very promising and i...
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    2 New Tokyo Disneyland CD's!!!!

    hi all of you wonderful disney music fantatics! I just wanted to share some wonderful infomation with you regarding two new cd's that are going to be released on July 19th from Tokyo Disney Resort!!! Since This is the 5th Anniversary of Tokyo Disney Sea, they will release quite a few releases...
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    Tarzan! The Broadway Musical Out Now!!!

    hi guys, just thought i would remind evreyone that "Tarzan"-The Broadway Musical is now out on CD! This Cd is just great it has all of the original songs in the film featuring 9 new songs. All the songs are sung by the Cast, and one new song sung by Phil Collins!. So if you don't have your copy...
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    Disneyland shows & parades

    hi i think your just missing three things from your list... The American Gazzette Parade Disneylands 25th Anniversary Family Reunion Parade One Mans Dream Stageshow im not sure of the years but i know they are a part of this list.
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    shows and parades collection

    you know what! im tired of you guys bad mouthing me off ok! I don't appreciate you guys saying all those bad comments about my collection when yours looks probablylooks bare compared to mine. I was trying to share what i had in my collection with you guys but it seems like no one likes to know...
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    shows and parades collection

    My gosh! i just wanted to share with you how much my collection has grown over the years ive wanted to collect disneyland parades and shows from the past and now i think that my collection is quite complete i have mostly evreything disneyland has produced. All the music i have is crystal clear...
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    parade of dreams music

    hey guys, i know i posted something about the parade of dreams music before but, i forgot to ask that i was looking for some music myself! if anyone can help me out please e-mail me!!! i am looking for..... Aladdins Royal Caravan (1992 parade at Disneyland) Beauty and the Beast Live (1992 show...
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    i used the cast blast ticket (50percent off ) for my cd set thats why i got it so cheap!Evrey cast member that came to that event got a ticket book and in the ticket book there was a coupon for one item of your choice 50 percent off! Lucky me i got like three because i left and came back again...