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    Rare 50's thru today Disney and Disneyland records and CDs (eBay) here...

    Hello friends, I'm cleaning out my stored collectibles to get ready for a vacation at Walt Disney World. I posted 60 items, most are Disney. Lots of music items including: Vintage Disneyland "Golden Records," rare Christmas at Disneyland 7" record, Songs from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom 7", a...
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    eBay HAUNTED MANSION & PIRATES LE 999 & 2500 CDs here!

    Hello fellow Disney music lovers. Remember the first Mansion event back in 1999? I have an extra CD that was limited to 999 (and sold out instantly) with a bonus track and autographed by X. Atencio and Buddy Baker. I also have the limited edition of 2500 Pirates of the Caribbean CD autographed...
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    The Enchanted Tiki Room

    Glad you asked: The original Enchanted Tiki Room soundtrack for both Disneyland and WDW were the same (same as what's on the Disneyland box set). The pre-shows were the only difference to the soundtrack. The original Tokyo Disneyland soundtrack was also the same but with re-recorded vocals...
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    My Disney garage sale!

    Hello fellow Disney music lovers. I am currently having a Disney sale on eBay. Most items are $3.99 (some less, some more). Even the rare DISNEY MUSICAL TREASURE CHEST is $3.99 and includes the older edition of the Mary Poppins soundtrack with extended Overture and especially recorded music...
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    eBay: Black Cauldron COMPLETE SCORE, Paul Frees promo 7", Haunted Mansion LE CD

    Re:eBay: Black Cauldron COMPLETE SCORE, Paul Frees promo 7", Haunted Mansion LE I forgot to mention, I also have a brand new sealed, MINT CD of the London Cast of Mary Poppins. I purchased this one from Amazon before someone gave me one. I never opened it. I payed around $18 and I'm selling it...
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    eBay: Black Cauldron COMPLETE SCORE, Paul Frees promo 7", Haunted Mansion LE CD

    Hello friends, I'm now making room for the last wave of Disneyland 50th merchandise! I dug up some rare Disney music items such as the incredibly rare complete score to Black Cauldron promo CD, a rare Paul Frees promo 7" vinyl record (Frees: Haunted Mansion, Inner Space, and Mr. Lincoln...
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    disney cuties

    I saw this yesterday at Target. I saw the track listing and I'm curious as to what it sounds like. Are these remixes of the ORIGINAL versions? In other words, did they re-record vocals and music for this or did they remix the originals? I would love to hear the original Tiki Room birds with a...
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    The Black Cauldron soundtrack CD on eBay!

    Hello friends, Just a reminder that these auctions are closing this Sunday! There are still plenty of Disney music items at very low prices and some not bid on yet. The Black Cauldron soundtrack CD is still at half of what it is worth. Thanks again, Yours, Louis
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    The Black Cauldron soundtrack CD on eBay!

    Hello, Here is the long promised original, rarest Disney CD ever: THE BLACK CAULDRON. I have plenty other Disney music collectibles such as a Little Mermaid Sebastian the Crab autographed lyric book, The Disney Treasures (with a CD of Disney rarities), Candy Candido autographed glossy (Haunted...
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    eBay: Disney's MUSICAL TREASURES BOX and more...

    Hello friends, I just posted on eBay a few Disney items. Among them is a 4 soundtrack set (rare older versions) of Disney music, along with a few other Disney and Disneyland items. Thanks for your support! :) Your friend, Louis
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    eBay: Mickey Mouse Club LP and Cast Photo Album, DISNEYS MUSICAL TREASURE CHEST

    Hello friends, I have the following Disney music items located at: Happy Holiday Shopping! Your friend, Louis
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    Anniversary Schmanniversary

    All I want to point out is that it took A LOT of money to pay for royalties for all these tracks (especially the previously unreleased material). It was really hard to get the stuff that we got because the original contracts (for the unreleased material) didn't allow for commercial release. It's...
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    Anniversary Schmanniversary

    My 2 cents: I'm GLAD there isn't more good merchandise. I'm going broke as it is! Besides Randy (with his DL box set, DL 2 CD set, WDW CDs, Karaoke CD, Walt Takes You to DL CD, and the upcoming Wonderland titles), I was also amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of the Kevin Kidney/Jody...
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    Musical History of Disneyland-20,000 Leagues Track

    Hello, The reason why the original track was not used is that the attraction uses the organ music from the film which was recorded under a contract that doesn't allow for commercial release. I'm not sure about Whale of a Tale since this was released. It would have been odd to have the narration...
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    Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland CD ?

    Actually, Sing-Along and Karaoke are two different animals all together. Sing-Alongs include vocals (no instrumentals), Karaoke CD have vocal selections as well as their intrumental counterparts. So... the Karaoke CD must be a new item. Your friend, Louis