The Black Cauldron soundtrack CD on eBay!


Here is the long promised original, rarest Disney CD ever: THE BLACK CAULDRON. I have plenty other Disney music collectibles such as a Little Mermaid Sebastian the Crab autographed lyric book, The Disney Treasures (with a CD of Disney rarities), Candy Candido autographed glossy (Haunted Mansion vocals, Sleeping Beauty, Rescuers, Black Cauldron voice), a rare Japanese out of print CD of Camarata's Alice in Wonderland, a couple of diffent versions of the theme park exclusive Haunted Mansion CDs, and more Disney music!
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Hello friends,
Just a reminder that these auctions are closing this Sunday! There are still plenty of Disney music items at very low prices and some not bid on yet. The Black Cauldron soundtrack CD is still at half of what it is worth. Thanks again,
Yours, Louis