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    Walt Disney Treasures DVDs question

    Hi everyone, Would one of you please post a list of the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs that have been coming out in recent years? Or, if there's a list online somewhere, can you direct me to it? Also, are these "limited editions"? How hard do you think it would be to get some of the...
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    Group Project: The Tomorrowland Box Set Project

    Hi, It's ironic that this Tomorrowland idea has come up since I have a sort-of similar idea. I have something of a "goal" of creating a CD of the WDW Tomorrowland area music that was played until last year. Using as a guide, so far I have...
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    Old Disney tapes

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for past Disney attractions on videotape. If anyone has any of these and is willing to share them with me, would you please let me know? -Spaceship Earth with Walter Cronkite -Universe of Energy (prior to 1996) -IllumiNations (original version 1988) -WEDWay...
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    1990's MMC on video

    To Z?rpman: Did you receive the personal message I sent you? If not, please give me a way to contact you personally since I can help with your request.
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    1990's MMC on video

    Hi, I have been searching the internet for complete Mickey Mouse Club seasons on videotape. So far, I've had very limited success. Can any of you be of any assistance to me? I'd be willing to trade for the tapes, so if you can help me, please respond to this message. Also, if you've got a...
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    Current Disneyland Official Album

    Hi, Would someone please reply to this with the list of songs on the currently-sold Disneyland Official Album? Also, can you tell me what the exact title of the album is? Is there still a separate album for Disney's California Adventure? Thanks a lot.