Your Ultimate Disneyland Box Set?


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I would break the set into decades and present each decade in chronological order though I know I didn't make this start off list in order:

Decade 1 July 17, 1955 to July 17, 1965

Walt's opening day speech
Walt's Dedication of Fantasyland
Walt's Dedication of Tomorrowland
Jungle Cruise Thurl Ravenscroft narration
Tom Sawyer's Island area music
Columbia narration
Mark Twain narration
Carousel music
Peter Pan flow-thru
Mad Tea Party music
Mr. Toad's flow-thru
Snow White flow-thru
Casey Jr. flow-thru
Matterhorn flow-thru
Railroad narration
Monorail narration
Autopia sounds
Golden Horseshoe full show
Submarine voyage narration
Skyway area music
Fantasy In The Sky music
3d Jamboree show
Rocket to the Moon show
Hall of Aluminum - Wishful Knight
Viewliner narration
Fritos spiels
Wizard of Bras spiels
Tiki full show
Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse music
Nature's Wonderland narration
Snow White's Grotto music
Date Nite at Disneyland song

That's all I can think of at the top of my head. Should I keep going with the other decades?

David S.

Either the chronological tracklist OR a geographical tracklist (with the material arranged by "land" like a tour of the park) works great for me!

I think the "ultimate" Disneyland box set will be released in a few months! I can't wait!



Greeting. What a fun idea for a post. This is what my ultimate Disneyland Box Set would be like:
I would house 6 Disneyland CDs with a good book that focuses on the music of Disneyland. I would make 5 CDs of Disneyland and make a 6th one just for the Christmas material. All the soundtracks would be COMPLETE. The first five CDs would include:

-Walt Disney opening speach
-Main Street Atmospheric sounds (train anouncement, trains, vehicles sounds)
-Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (original 1965 with pre-show)
-Meet me Down on Main Street (Mellowmen)
-Piano track (Rod?)
-Datenite at Disneyland song (50s record)
-Enchanted Tiki Room (with pre-show)
-Jungle Cruise ride-thru with sounds only (no narration)
-Indiana Jones score
-Swiss Family Treehouse
-Tarzan Treehouse
-Entrance music
-Nature's Wonderland ride-thru
-Big Thunder Mountain SFX
-Mark Twain ride-thru
-Golden Horseshoe Review highlights (from 50's record)
-Pirates of the Caribbean ride-thru
-Fortunes Red Pirate Arcade music
-New Orleans Jazz musicians
-Haunted Mansion ride-thru
-Country Bear Jamboree (original)
-Long Mile Bar track
-Area Music "Song of the South" (since it's not in the ride)
-Splash Mountain ride-thru
-Country Bear Vacation
-Winnie the Pooh ride-thru

-New Parade-

-When You WIsh Upon A Star
-Dark Ride music medley
-Fantasyland Organ track (represents both the Carousel and Dumbo)
-Mad Tea Cups
-It's a Small World ride-thru
-Toontown BGM track
-Toon Town SFX
-Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin
-Adventure thru Inner Space (with pre-show)
-Star Tours score
-Circlevision America the Beautiful score
-Submarine Voyage soundtrack
-Autopia Anouncements (vintage)
-Carousel of Progress (with post-show)
-America Sings
-Mission to Mars
-Space Mountain original
-Space Mountain new
-Main Street Electrical Parade (from 1972 for a change)
-New Fireworks

Then the Christmas CD would be:
-Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Xmas
-Haunted Mansion Holiday (first version)
-Country Bear Xmas
-Small World Holidays (with clock pre-show)
-Maybe a Christmas parade or fireworks if room

So there is my ultimate tracklist.
Your friend,

Dr. Know

My wishlist includes the following:

Score from American Journeys-Circlevision (Basil Poledouris)
Exit music from New Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (composer unknown)
Load music from Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (Bruce Broughton)
Tomorrowland 2055 Fanfare and Theme (composer unknown)

... in other words, more recent instrumental selections, in addition to the old-time classics.

If even one of the above makes it onto this set, I'll be a happy camper. I'm hoping for more than just the umpteenth versions of It's a Small World, Pirates, and Haunted Mansion.


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I will do my best to finish the rest of the decades, moving on to Decade 2 once again not in chronological order:

Decade 2 July 18, 1965 to July 17, 1975

Pirates flow-thru
Haunted Mansion flow-thru
It's A Small World flow-thru
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln full show
Club 33 BGM
Adventures Through Inner Space flow-thru
America The Beautiful full show
PeopleMover flow-thru
Carousel of Progress full show
Country Bear Jamboree original show
America Sings full show
Main Street Electrical Parade
Mission to Mars full show
America on Parade

Decade 3 July 18, 1975 to July 17, 1985

Big Thunder flow-thru
Country Bear Christmas full show
Pinocchio flow-thru
American Journeys preshow and show
Wonders of China full show
Magic Journeys preshow and show
Videopolis song
Village Haus BGM
25th Annviersary Song
Space Mountain 1977 BGM
Very Merry Christmas Parade
Family Reunion Parade
State Fair Parade
Ludwig Van Drake's Railroad narration
Goofy's Monorail narration

Decade 4 July 18, 1985 to July 17, 1995

Splash Mountain flow-thru
Country Bear Vacation Hoedown full show
Star Tours flow-thru
Disney Gallery BGM
Blast to the Past
Main Street hop
Captain Eo
Indiana Jones Adventure flow-thru
Roger Rabbit flow-thru
Lion King Celebration flow-thru
Fantasmic full show
Dick Tracy show
Beauty and The Beast stage show
Pocahontas stage show
Party Gras
Festival of Fools show
Toontown BGM
Aladdin's Royal Caravan
Mickey's Nutcracker

Decade 5 July 18, 1995 to July 17,2005

Tarzan's Treehouse BGM
Innoventions BGM
Honey preshow and show
Rocket Rods flow-thru
Mulan Parade
Hercules Parade
Light Magic
Small World Holiday
Winnie The Pooh flow-thru
Believe in Holiday Magic
Haunted Mansion Holiday
45 Years of Magic Parade
Woody's Roundup full show
new Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln show
Mickey & Friends tram spiel
Minnie's Christmas Party
Mickey's Detective School
Snow White Musical

Tat's all I can think of off the top of my head but what a set this would make. Please continue with your suggestions. I want to hear what everyone else thinks would make for a great box set.