Your Holy Grail?

Hey all,

I was just wondering what people considered as their 'holy grails' amongst Disney park music. If you could pick one or two tracks to be made available to the general public (or even us), what would you pick?

Something obscure? Something obvious? What would you like to see released...

Just wondering...



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Every song sung by every performer of the Adventurers Club from May 1, 1989 to the present. Especially the 3 weeks that someone got away with singing The Vatican Rag .


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I would love a professional copy of the Sonny Eclipse show at Cosmic Ray's.

But my biggest wish is for a release of the instrumental music from Journey Into Imagination. It is some of the most beautiful music I've heard at a Disney park (or really anywhere!) and it's a million times better than that horrible "music" they used for Journey into your Imagination. (Don't get me started...)



Professional cleaned up audio CD of Spaceship Earth:

All narrations (isolated), all backround music / audio loops (individual tracks seperated), full ride through mixes, and maybe for bonus material all the set audio.

Same goes for Horizons and pretty much any 80s EPCOT pavillion (but I mostly want SE and Horizons). Individual tracks: Wedway / TTA narrations and Dreamflight full ride mix.
Certainly, the best quality full loops of everything! :p

More specifically. . . full stereo Country Bear Jamboree (instrumental only would be nice, too. ;D) - same goes for Horizons, Dreamflight, and Carousel of Progress.

. . . just a few, of course. 8)


I think you all know what I am about to say...

A GOOD recording of the "Remember the Magic Finale" from FITS


"Feel the Magic" from Ears to You at WDW


If I had to pick just one thing, it would be a clean set of complete master recordings from If You Had Wings.


I would really like to have a master recording of all background music/loops from the original classic "Journey Into Imagination." Hearing "One Little Spark" always puts a smile on my face the same way the current version puts a frown on.


I'm with John on "Mickey's Birthdayland Express," it's just one of those tunes that, although you haven't heard it played live for about 16 years now, you can still hear it clear as a bell in the back of your head ("Rollin,' rollin,' on the express"...) ;D

And the original "Making Memories" film--yes, I know the music is "out there," but the film itself is what I'm missing. In one of the many photo collages used in that film, there's one b/w shot of a little girl that looks amazingly like a pic of my wife when she was a kid. Alas, it's one of the things I never video-taped while it was still there to tape (always one of those, "Oh, I'll tape it next time!"--things. What a dummy I was!)

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Oooh, that's tough - there's so many!

-EPCOT's Disney Characters on Holiday Christmas version
-Liberty Square BGM
-A professional recording of Tarzan Rocks
-A VIDEO copy from the finale movie from the Animation Tour... :'(

Not really songs, but still...
-Quality recordings of the 100 Years of Magic opening spiel and kiss goodnight
-The WDW post-FITS spiel ("That was some fireworks show, wasn't it...")



I think my holy grail would be a recording, not of music, but of Walt pitching his ideas to other people (his brother, bankers, etc...) I know its not possible.... but I think that would be nice. It's one thing to see/hear him do his spiel on tape for Disneylands opening and his EPCOT tv show.... but what must he have been like off camera while talking to the people he had to convince that his crazy idea was actually a great idea?

If only I could be a fly with a time machine.......

Do we just have to limit it to 2? ;)

Here's my list:

Mickey's Birthdayland Express

OH NO... you did not have to do that. Now that song is in my brain and I don't think it's going to leave. My lord, it's been 16 years and I can hear it as clear as day... how does that happen? I have a horrible memory but after 16 years that darn song is wedged in there tight. Must be the mark of a well-written jingle...

"We'll have a whole lot of fun, so come on everyone, we're gonna say hello to Mickey Mouse..."

As for me, I'll parrot what so many have said about 80's EPCOT, especially Horizons and SE. Also I'd like the 2nd (long-running) version of the Electrical Water Show, IYHW, Kitchen Kabaret... so many...

-- Sunshine Tree Pavilion loop from Adventureland
-- International Gateway loop from EPCOT
-- Full TL2055 loop

Not asking for much. . .right.
This is a no-brainer for me. I want all the isolated tracks and vocals for "If You Had Wings" and I then want them all done as a mega-mix that carefully recaptures the cross-over and blending of the different versions that was such an integral part of the ride experience. For stand alone tracks the loading area instrumentals and the exit music chorus "You Do Have Wings" would be the most welcome.

Then after that comes the full isolated music score for the original Hall Of Presidents, followed in third by the underscore for the old Universe Of Energy movie.
It's funny that so many people have said If You Had Wings... here's hoping that there's a release or at least a well-timed leak of tracks at some point. It's a tribute to the ride I suppose that years later we're all still pining for it...


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Seriously, the WDW version is one of the best scores ever written for theme parks/ film, ever. Period. (No offense to fans of euro version, its nice, but its no WDW version.) I had the chance to bask in the sheer perfection of the music this past weekend at WDW while it was open, a great suprise to me. I'm glad its open now, but heard its only for short time again. I saw online its till August, but the castmember working it said it was only till sometime late in July. The score is wonderful, but have feeling that it won't ever be released. Has anyone found a clean copy of it anywhere? Is there a way to record it somehow through the suction-cup Radio Shack thingy method on a speaker there? While there, it looked like the film's speakers were all too high above the crowd to get a good sampling of the music. Any help is appreciated. Long live Bruce Broughton!!
Disneyland/World Is Your Land/World
Main Street Electrical Parade (mainly the WDW synthesized announcements used from 79-91
Electrical Water Pageant

Dr. Know


I second your motion for TIMEKEEPER music. I was sooo disappointed that Randy didn't manage to include anything in the 2004 OA, which I fear was our last chance... unless the music turns up someday in a revived WDW Forever.

Darn it!