Your Help Needed Beta Testing



Hi Magic Music fans!

Yesterday I soft-launched my new social networking site for Disney fans and would like to ask my friends from the Magical Music of the Mouse to help me beta test it! I will be officially launching the site at MouseFest in two weeks.

So sign up, create your profile and share some photos and journal posts about Disney and life. Once you register, you can add more details by editing your profile. One feature is the ability to share your username at the various Disney communities online. So be sure to list the username you use at!

Please share with me any issues you experience or questions you have. You can do that by messaging me through my DisFriends profile or leaving me a message in this thread.

Thanks everyone!

Trent Schwartz
The Magical Music of the Mouse webmaster


Active Member
Hey, if nothing else your email about the site got me to check this place out after, how long has it been, a year? More? Looks like there have been a bunch of changes on the site...not too shabby looking, Trent.

For those who remember me, hi! I still have all of my 650+/- Disney CDs although I don't remember the last time I listened to any of them. No wait, that's wrong...I listened to Hunchback a few weeks ago. I still like it. I'll even buy new CDs every once in a while, but I draw the line at Hanna Montana Raven Kim Possible Cheetah Girls doing a High School Musical. Ew. Although Disney and Disney music are still parts of my life, they've just become lower priorities over time. There's just not enough "good" to keep up with the "bad" and other things have piqued my interest instead.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving and I hope to look at Trent's new site one of these days.

And now that's one more message Bill has to write to catch up to my "most posts" record (VBEG).



Yea for DisFriends!!!! AWESOME, Trent! :) And, a warm welcome back, Sharon... it's so great to hear from you again!!


Great to see you back Sharon! You should stick around -- I miss the banter back and forth between you and Bill.