Your Dream Special Event

X-S Tech

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To cater to guests on both coasts I've selected attractions that are represented in both DL and WDW and have had a fairly long history (with the exception of CBJ but it's still a recent enough memory, let's just pretend a bit shall we?).


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

as the Disneyland Resort Paris is my "home resort" I would choose Space Mountain if the event would be held in that park and I would have to choose from that list - if I had free choice and again the event would by at DLRP I would have to make the taugh decision between the Visionarium and Cinemagique...

If held at WDW I'd go with Carousel of Progress, if held at DL Anaheim I'd choose Splash Mountain.


Jessica L

I chose "other" as I would love to see a special event for Journey Into Imagination. :)

If we're sticking to Magic Kingdom rides/shows, I would probably lean towards Carousel of Progress or Splash Mountain.



I chose other, because for me it would be "If You Had Wings". I know this was only at WDW, but it is the one attraction that I miss more than any other.


I selected 'other' as I am/was a huge fan of HORIZONS at E.P.C.O.T.

Sigh...I miss that darn thing.


Here's another vote for "Other." I'd like to attend Michael Eisner's Resignation from the Company in Adventureland, WDW, right between the Enchanted Tiki Room, Under New Mgt. and those Aladdin Flying Carpet things. Then we can all ride the Jungle Cruise, if it's still open during non-peak operating hours.