Year Of A Million Dreams Official Album?


Where did they play that?!???

That's an adaptation of tokyo's 20th anniversary parade, Dreams on Parade. A lot of the concepts for wdw's entertainment during this year of a million dreams come from tokyo's 20th, including the castle show, though they took their parade from tokyo's more recent parade music.

That's real intriguing they'd use this too. The end announcements makes it sound like a preparade.. laf why hasn't this been posted about on any board up until now.


WOW- I guess that is the music they are using for their pre-parade.
That is from the original Disney Dreams on Parade from TDL's 20th Anniversary parade.
But it's a new english version...interesting?
They need to release this stuff. It's all the japanese stuff but in english with new lyrics. funny...


I was at the Magic Kingdom in WDW the other day waiting for the parade to start and when I heard the music I really liked it. So when it looped again I turned on my digital camera and recorded it. I hope to hear it on a CD or at the very least binaural quality someday.