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Wedroy --

You have done an amazing job assembling these esplanade tracks. One questions: did you excerpt the Soarin' track from the Soarin' queue that is available elsewhere on the ftp? Because it actually sounds a little better than the other track. If you have a better sounding version of the entire queue theme, could you please post that as well?



Hi everyone,
I just wanted to thank whoever posted the Boo to You Halloween Parade tracks and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade tracks. They are awesome! Are these from the Master Copies?

Thanks again!
Daryl in Missouri

If anyone has the Happy Easter Parade tracks, could you please post them. I have wanted these for years.


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hopefully it went through. I sent part of the Dick Tracy stage show. And Jack Wagner Disney bloopers ( Jack is the voice at Disney parks, the announcer)
I'm anxiously awaiting the return of this site. I'm hoping I can finally complete my Disneyland Forever collection. Anyone who can contribute these files to the site, I would be most grateful.

I don't normally endorse file sharing, but these are simply no longer available. I'm always looking for ways to "legally" acquire these tracks, but it's very difficult. It doesn't look promising that Disney will release these again anytime soon.


Dont know if you guys have read the new Txt file in the root of the FTP but Iago does make it sound like it's just some tuning up. I'm confident the FTP will be up and running again soon.

BTY whoever put up the new Epcot Entrance loop, thank you so much, it's fantastic.

Im still on Dial up at the minute, but I've uploaded The Across the Sea theme from the Cruise Line, and some Tommorrowland stuff.

I am able to get the full soundtrack to the updated Animagique show from DLP, so hopefully that will be going up next week. I recently got a lot of great DLP Stuff so if anybody is interested I'll make that priority when the FTP goes online again.

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Well, Im Glad to see eveyone is enjoying the FTP, and It will be returning soon...... It was a matter of bandwith use, and Iago is moving his server to another, with all the uploads, back as they were..... Sorry for the short notice on behalf of Iago, he is busy working on bringing all of you a larger storage space on the FTP, for More Disney Magic...... Thanks again for the support of Project Disney! :)


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I just found out about the site today, and from all the posts I'm looking forward to checking the site out.

I had nearly all of my Disney media (attraction sounds, videos, pictures, etc.) stored on a USB harddrive and this past winter it died on me. :( I lost over 10 Gigs of material. :( Needless to say I literally cried for a few days as I tried to get it restored but nothing worked.

I had some of it stored on CDs, but not all. I'd love to help build what's on there assuming I have some stuff that you don't have on there already. :)