Would Anyone Like to Fileshare?

Hi Disney Music Fans,
i was just wondering if anyone would like to "fileshare" with me? what im talking about is "trading" music so that way we can just email each other and ask what we are looking for and then trade URL's to upload the songs? i really need some help finding some Disney Theme Park music so if someone or anyone could help me out please email me at amc19821982@gmail.com

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Terrific idea! I'm currently doing this with Randy Thornton. He has been e-mailing me every single piece of Disney audio that has ever been created. You want the owl on Tom Sawyer's Island? I've got it - all 14 versions! Everything is lossless, too. I'm planning to take on David Oneal with my new windfall. Thanks, Randy! You're the best!


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Why not just go to Rodentsections and help yourself.
No trading needed, just available. :)
Nothing commercially available though. You buy that.