Worst Disney Album Cover Ever

Rich T

Sorry, I can't let this one slide: You have to see this to believe it:

Checking out the new releases on iTunes, I saw a bunch of Broadway titles under the artist "New Musical Cast." These include Chess, Cats, Lion King and Tommy.

You owe it to yourself to check out the album cover for this "new" version of Lion King. Go to "Music", then "Just Added." 2nd column over, under "New Musical Cast."

Warning: Don't have any food or liquid in your mouth when it pops up on your screen.

Really captures all the drama and heartache of the show, don't you think?
Hiya Rich T!

Though I had no knowledge of this release prior to your post, I can say with certainty that it is not a Walt Disney Records release. After listening to the samples, that is a re-recording or 'Cover Album' - you can tell by the performances as well as the synth assisted orchestra. According to the iTunes text it was released by Big Eye Records. :D


Rich T

Hi, Randy!

I should have mentioned in my initial post that I didn't think this was a Walt Disney Records release. In the thread title, I didn't mean for the word "Disney" to refer to the company specifically, but to all products associated with the world of Disney characters. Sorry about that.

This release busts me up. It looks like the art director ran the word "lion" through his clip art search engine and called it a day. It's kind of what the actual cast album cover might have looked like had the original production gone in a very, very bad direction. :D


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahaaahahaa omg i'm laughing so hard and loud right now i made the mistake of looking at it while on the phone with someone. that is the best cover art i've ever seen.
It's so much worse than I could imagine. Does Disney actually APPROVE of this? It looks like something a 2 year old who couldn't see very well might put together. What a great laugh.
I don't know...I am still sticking by http://www.laughingplacestore.com/images/products/10172L.jpg this one as the worst album cover ever.
Agreed. I laughed out loud when I discovered that in the MK. I hadn't known it was coming out and thus had no idea what it was supposed to be. It gives me a weird "engrish" vibe, like "SUPER-DELUXE EVENT PARTY MUSIC ROCK AND ROLL BLUEJEANS NUMBER ONE x80!".

Honestly - "Event Party Music"? Why not just a plain white square with a giant barcode on it? "Pre-Recorded Event Party Music Product"?
And I thought Bill stopped producing album art after that 'Raven's Greatest Hits' cover a few years ago.