WORST $8.96 I've spent on Disney music in a long time...

Yup! I'ved edited the title of this thread from "Best $8.96 I've spent.......

Read on and you'll see why! ::)


I know I was pretty rough on the Jungle Book 2 CD in a recent thread, but I'll give credit where credit is due.

I was at my local Wal-Mart a couple days ago and found something called "Sing-Along with Disney's Princesses" in the Disney CD section. I picked it up as an impulse buy since it was only marked $8.96. It is copyrighted 2003 by WDR. I was unfamiliar with it.

The CD is produced by Ted Kryczko and Gary Powell. It was mastered by our buddy Randy Thornton. Randy is listed as an Associate Producer, too.

The CD is set up like the Disney Karaoke CDs of a couple of years ago. Cut #1 is Reflection. Cut #2 is an instrumental version of Reflection. And so on.

The vocal cuts are all new versions of the songs sung by unknown (at least to me!) vocalists. The arrangements are extremely faithful to the original movie versions but different enough to be interesting. Even if you don't like the interpretations of one or two tracks, I always find it refreshing to hear the old chestnuts given a new, dignified face. Anyone who agrees with that concept will enjoy this CD. And, then, of course, there are the instrumental versions of the tracks if you want something really different. They are so you can "sing like a princess"! ;) When I broke into Part Of Your World, my wife chimed in that I definitely do NOT sing like a princess. ;D

The tracks are:

Part Of Your World
Just Around the Riverbend
Colors of the Wind
Beauty and the Beast
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Once Upon a Dream
So This Is Love
Candle On The Water
I Won't Say (I'm In Love)

...and, as you would expect, all lyrics are included in a nicely prepared booklet with pictures of the respective princesses for each song. Although I don't why Snow White was included on the cover since there is nothing from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.

A big thumbs up!


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Re:Best $8.96 I've spent on Disney music in a long time...

And 3 of those tracks don't even belong to princesses. Unless Mulan, Megara, and Nora are really royalty...

The album sounds nice though. Poor Snow White.


Re:Best $8.96 I've spent on Disney music in a long time...

I picked up the CD at the Disney Store today. Since you recommended it, Mike, I thought I'd give it a try. It's pretty enjoyable.

What's especially nice is that the Instrumental tracks really can stand on their own even without the singing, because a lead horn here or there, was added in.

It really does make for a few laughs when we all sang along in the car on the way home.
Re:Best $8.96 I've spent on Disney music in a long time...


Are these instrumentals different from the Disney Karaoke tracks?


:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Why no, Bill, not at all! I can't believe I never even thought to check! And, I'm the guy who in my original post even commented about how they were set up like the Karaoke CDs. They are a complete re-issue of the Karaoke CDs except for the re-packaging in the "princess mode". I just pulled out all three karaoke CDs and the tracks are identical--including the generic Disney singers who voiced the vocal tracks.

I really want to apologize to everyone who might have been influenced by my original post -- especially Chris. I feel like a class "A" idiot. Duped again by the Disney marketing machine! I shoulda knowed better. :mad:

Sorry everybody! :-[ I'm REALLY sorry.

Guess its really just about the worst $8.96 I ever spent on Disney music. Nothing but duplication of something I already had. This is even worse than the Jungle Book 2 OST. At least with THAT I got the Smashmouth version of I Wan'na Be Like You.

I'm beginning to think I should take another two year break from posting around here as punishment! :-[


Darn it, Mike. I feel completely misled. No, I'm just kidding! Actually I never did buy those original Karaoke CDs, so it's new to me.

But, seriously, I wish they would have included some things from Snow White instead of ending the disc with that less than great song from Hercules.

The overall production is not the greatest, but hey, it's nice background music.

Well, so this Princesses CD really is a mixed bag after all.

When I came back to the forum and read the title of "WORST" I felt like an idiot for a moment, thinking I had read the post wrong from the start! ha ha! I thought - what if Mike was being total cynical in his post and I went out and bought the thing. :)

I'm going to listen to it again now.



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Mike is a spazzyboy! Mike is a spazzyboy!

(who has the Princess Singalong AND the 2 Disney Karaoke CD's simply because it's an obsession)

BTW Mike, was in your neck of the woods (relatively speaking) last week...was in NJ, PA and Staten Island...it snowed 2" while we were there and we hit 16 degrees one morning. Was VERY happy to come back home, where I discovered I have tomatoes growing on my tomatoes plants in the backyard.

You need to answer my e-mail before next week if you want me to look for that DVD at Belz.
Mike is a spazzyboy! Mike is a spazzyboy!

(who has the Princess Singalong AND the 2 Disney Karaoke CD's simply because it's an obsession)

Listen, Spazzygirl...if you had a true obsession, you would have all THREE Karaoke CDs , PLUS the Princess Sing-Along, like I do! ;D

Oh, and by the way, I'm sure I'll be having tomatoes on my plants soon, too! If the end of July can count as "soon", ya wiseacre!

Chris: Glad you're not mad at me! ;)

Bill: I'm comfortable enough with my prince-hood, I guess! :D


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Oops...yes, I DO have all THREE Disney Karaoke CD's. Plus a couple of "not made or sanctioned by Disney but karaoke of Disney songs nevertheless" CD's that I picked up at Colony Records YEARS ago.

And oh, did I mention the nearly-red strawberries that I'll be able to pick either tomorrow or the next day? Did now.

So what about that DVD Mike?



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Sorry for typing like a princess....I had a birthday 2 days ag and they say the older you get, the more you become like your parents, no matter how hard you try to not. If that's the case, I'm turning into my mother, who is a JAP. Actually a JAQ ....

Gotta go so I can work on my wave...

-Sharon the Princess-
Actually I was thinking of Mike's sing-a-long...
But You will do as long as you get that wave down Sharon.

As for Mike...sing sweet nightingale... you go girl. :D