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Not that he needs my help....but for those of you who enjoyed the World's Fair tracks that surfaced recently and are interested in learning how they fit into the various pavilions, I can't recommend Paul Anderson's World's Fair issue of Persistence of Vision highly enough. It's an excellent resource and perhaps one of the best researched Disney works I've read in a long time. To call it a magazine is to cheapen his efforts. This is essentially a book on Disney's involvement in the World's Fair. Wisely, Paul interviewed participants on both sides of the projects, with the regular cast of imagineers (Marty Sklar, Rolly Crump, etc) AND their counterparts on the industrial side (from Ford, GE, etc) His portrayal of Walt has a dead on authenticity, no doubt culled from the recollections of those who worked very closely with him on these projects. I can only anticipate what his future issue on "The Florida Project" will be like. I'm told by him that it is on the back burner now while he finishes up the "Walt and WW2" issue which he hopes to have out this summer.

Definitely look into it if your curiosity was peaked by the World's Fair tracks....or if you're a fan of Disney or the park during it's 60's heyday.

Johnny Come Lately
Thanks for the reminder, Bill--I'm always looking for ways to raise up some lost memories of the Fair(we lived right next door in Connecticut, you'd have thought we could have gone more than once during its 2 year run--it was like going to the mall for God's sake....sorry, Mom!). You're certainly right, Paul's "journal" is more akin to "core text material" with regards to the Walt Disney story. I have several issues, starting with the great one featuring the creation of the score of the Haunted Mansion. Paul, of course, doesn't have copies of all the back issues, but will make Xerox copies(I think this is probably the case for the World's Fair issue)--it would be nice if he could get everything onto CD-ROM, like E-ticket Magazine has done. I suppose what I really need to do is to just "suck it up" and buy the several issues I haven't yet, along with the audiotapes he also has available--there just aren't many devoted resources like this around. Paul came up on the Forum a few weeks ago--hopefully the WWII issue does get out this summer--a "Florida Project" issue could be amazing! We need to get all the documentation we can while "Walt's Old Men" are still with us. Mike.

Also, haven't been able to listen to the recently surfaced tracks....has anyone recorded them onto a CD-R who might be interested in a trade???


I too missed the tracks that recently surfaced and wonder if anyone recorded them onto a CD-R who might be interested in a trade??? :'( ???