World's Fair CD Set UPDATE

World?s Fair CD Set UPDATE

Sorry it?s been so long since I?ve posted, but it?s been a very hectic summer ? what with a chronic back problem, moving offices (I actually have several rooms of resources, masters, and equipment), our regular production schedule, and? finishing the World?s Fair set. Anyway, that?s enough whining.

Many of you know I don?t like posting playlists ? spoiling it for those who want to be surprised. I am going to tell you what I?ve added, but I?m not going to post the balance of the content. Those of you who have that illegal, unethical, and ?poopy? bootleg, already know what else is on the discs ? though probably not the proper sequence. As I posted earlier (if you can remember that far back), I kept true to Bruce Gordon?s original concept in sequence and content. However, I have completely rebuilt these recordings from scratch ? even (in most cases) going beyond the attraction masters to the original recording sessions themselves.

First, the title has been changed from ?Disneyland Goes To the World?s Fair? (named after the ?Wonderful World of Color' episode) to ?Walt Disney and the 1964 World?s Fair?. Though the original title was a great nod to the past, it caused some confusion in what this set was about. So, with Stacia Martin?s excellent book focusing on Walt, and the fact that Walt is quite present throughout the audio (even narrating an attraction), I felt this new title better communicated what this set really was.

Here?s how the discs break down ?

Disc One ? Progressland

Disc Two ? Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Disc Three ? it?s a small world

Disc Four ? Magic Skyway

The Fifth Disc is actually a Bonus Disc for Disc One ? Progressland

Originally, Bruce decided to only include a pre-production version of ?The Carousel of Progress? that he sub-titled ?The Alternate Universe Version?. Well, I?ve been able to include the ?Real? ?Carousel of Progress? as it appeared at the Fair. I?ve placed the ?Real? version on the Progressland Disc, and added a fifth disc for the ?Alternate Universe Version? as a 26 minute Bonus Disc. With the ?Real? version?s shorter run time, I?ve been able to use the full cue of the ?Medallion City? Background music ?Music To Buy Toasters By? (Bruce had only been able to include half of it), as well as the 1960?s Variation of the ?There?s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow? Turn Cue that wasn?t originally included. This disc runs about 72 minutes now.

The other addition is a complete ride-thru of ?it?s a small world? as it appeared at the 1964 World?s Fair. Though the South Seas segments were not part of the original Fair Attraction (added when it moved to Disneyland), the score uses the rarely heard second verse. The full loop is used in every cue and runs about 22 minutes.

The package itself is like the ?75 Years of Music and Memories? CD set - with the CDs mounted on the inside front and back covers, and the Book bound in the center. On the back inside cover, the tray for Disc 4 flips open to reveal the ?hidden? Bonus Disc ? keeping the 4 exhibits front-and-center as you open the book ? again, as Bruce intended.

The release date is scheduled for February 10.

That?s it for now. It may be a while before I can post again - as the madness has only slowed down, but hasn?t stopped. Hopefully, I?ll have some more vintage release info for you soon!

Randy Thornton

PS ? Happy Birthday Walt!!
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Sounds really great. Can't wait to hear this all pristine. And I can't wait to read the book.


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Oo Ooo OOo you said the word ride-through. Now I gotta ask ;)

Is it a ride through like the IASW Holiday ride-through where each loop of the song is for one room give or take and it transitions between the different segments in that room, or will the loops be pretty dedicated to particular sections(for example transitioning through the india/china/africa sections in one of the holiday ride-through loops, or having the trumpeters fade in for a little bit then fade out in a loop or the bagpipes etc).

And while we're on it.. that whole second verse thing. I assume you mean "there is just one moon and a golden sun and a smile means friendship to everyone." From your post I assume that it was part of the old ride.. Could you or someone familiar with the timeline of things with the attraction please fill me in on when it was and wasn't part of the Disneyland attraction? I remember hearing it in there even though it currently isn't. Was it there during the Paris years?

Thanks for the update. It's good to hear from you again.
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Hey almandot!

Each loop appears in sequence and in full. I didn't do a literal 'ride-thru' (in that you transition between any given variation within one 'Room'). It plays like: Scandinavia in full, bagpipe in full, Can Can Girls in full, and so on. Ya know, musically. The full loop as it appeared in 1964 was: First Verse, Chorus, Second Verse. And each variation (whether they have vocals or not) is played in it's entirety. It is my understanding that the loop that has played at Disneyland for many, many years (probably since it's installation) is: First Verse and Chorus - which is how I sequenced it on the Disneyland Set. So, though there are fewer variations, the track is actually longer than the Disneyland version.

Another difference between DL and the WF (aside from a little sequence shift) is: at the WF, the laughing Hyenas were voiced differently and were primarily background to the more prominent laughing children. And they're not just laughing, they're laughing in rhythm to the song too.

So, there ya go!


Edited to add:

The second verse is only heard once now - with the English Moon Singers. Instead of First Verse Chorus like everyone else, they sing Second Verse, Chorus. Also, I should point out that though the Finale loop is the same length, it is First Verse, Chorus, First Verse (Repeat). The second verse is not sung here in either the DL or WF version. It's only within the territories that the second verse is heard. As for Paris, I don't believe the second verse was used, but I'm not really sure.


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WOW!! Two words for me, esp. if the World's Fair set releases in time: BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! (My birthday is in March, so this would make a PERFECT birthday present if and when it does release on time! Esp. with the Small World ridethru...)

Also, can you PLEASE confirm/deny the rumours of WDR going iTunes Plus? I'd like this to happen sooner rather than later, due to the expensive nature (I'm sure) that the upgrade cost will be.

I can't wait to hear about the next WDR iTunes catalog releases as well. Yes, I haven't bought as many of the newer ones as I'd like, but I'm probably going to buy more when it does go iTunes Plus (it'll actually be a bit cheaper that way...). Can we get a hint? (Flash, flash, flash, flaaaashbeagle) ;)


Dr. Know

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I can't wait to buy this! Thanks for the update. I had all but given up on this board.


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I have obtained the actual track listing for those who are interested.
I think you forgot that disc 3 has 13 tracks, not 12.


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Thank you, Randy, for going back and making things just a bit more accurate. No offense to Bruce Gordon, but I really prefer the actual attractions as presented at the fair, as opposed to "alternate" versions. Also, it's great that you even went back and created the fair version of COP. I have a live recording from the fair, and there were definite changes when it moved to Disneyland. So, thanks for being true to that.

The same thing for It's a Small World. Now that we've been given so many different versions, it's great that again, you are giving us the version as heard at the fair, because it was different. Also, despite what many might say about it, I sure do love that attraction, and I'm not tired of it's theme song!


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Hey Randy!

That's great news about the Worlds Fair CD set. Will this set also be available on ITunes? If so, perhaps you could also include the booklet as a digital download.

Please let me know whenever possible. Thank you very much.

Rob Bendtzen


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I wonder if Randy was at the cast member party tonight or will be at tomorrow night's. ;)


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Well, I've been able to include the 'Real' "Carousel of Progress" as it appeared at the Fair.
You know us whack jobs here are going to compare our crappy live recording to the version included to make sure it's accurate. Don't disappoint us! ;)


Thanks for both the amazon and disneyshopping links. I was given a nice stack of disney gift cards for Christmas so will probably opt for disneyshopping or hopefully Disneyland...gotta use my AP 20% discount coupon sooner than later.