World of Motion question


Im bored, so Im thinking of building a WoM ride through...but before I do Im curious about something.

Does anyone remember if the main version of Fun to be Free (the version found on the OAs) played under each scene's specific music track? I have a homemade loop that has it that way, but it would seem cooler if each scene "spoke" for itself with its own scene music.

Thanks for your time! :D


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Each scene had a variation of "It's Fun to Be Free." Some were instrumental, others featured the same lyrics. The WDW Forever discs offered a lot of these.

I hope that helps!



You know, "Know" :), When I wrote that i actually WAS concidering re inventing the wheel :D but I found that 27 minute version you mentioned and a version called "Master" (13:46) which sounds like the WDI demo ride thru....Im thinking of moving on to something else instead...but before I do I'm going to finish re building the load loop I lost using the Forever track ;)

Thank you Mickey'sPal, that is very helpful :)