World of Motion "Art-Deco Future"

A friend of mine and I have a debate going regarding some obscure scene music/ sfx from the WORLD OF MOTION 20's-30's Art Deco ride thru's of the attraction, i can clearly hear the sounds of servos and gears, and cog well as the "Radio-Vision" crooner and the general music track.....My friend say's it's the SFX of the robots in the scene...and i say it is probably suppose to be just sounds way too musical........and it's in complete tyming and pace to the otyer music isn't this a music arrangement?? And besides: why would the three machines be making the exact same noise!!??..LOL
If you want, I can take a listen. ??? I've visted Horizons - oh, who knows how many times! - and if it was in the scene, I can probably tell you where the sound came from.

(And no, I'm not trying to be cheap here! ::) :p)

*gosh, I miss that ride... :( *
Yes, I do think you mean Horizons. WoM had no robots in it...

The tracks I have for Horizons go as follows from the general area:

1) GBBT Art Deco
2) GBBT Crooner

One has a light band, the other has the singer with simply piano and light music behind him, to mix with the WDWForever version of the Art Deco.

Otherwise, I'm not sure I can help... :-
Ok, Ok.........yes: I did mean HORIZONS not WOM......anyway, yes the tracks i've always had are the two......the band and the crooner...but in ride and video, you can hear an "musical servo tune".......anyway..just wondering.



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Yep you're right!

There was some sound effects that went with the music and the crooner. The "pop" "clunk" and "sputter" noises are actually in tempo with the music and they come from the robot tanner tanning the white-bearded gentleman. You may notice that the robot chef also breaks dishes in tempo.