World Cruise Soundtrack


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I was perusing a piece about the old "World Cruise" boat attraction on the Passport2Dreams blog and I came across an interesting blurb:

From a retired watercraft operator, Greg Chin:
"One of the great memories I have of the Watercraft charters that we did on the "Kingdom Queen" ferryboat (now the "General Joe Potter"), and the "Ports-O-Call" steamship is having the ragtime soundtrack tape.

Some of the ragtime songs on the soundtrack tape were Scott Joplin's "Peacherine Rag", "Pineapple Rag", and of course, "The Easy Winners", which was made famous earlier, by the movie "The Sting" (1973). There's also the famous ragtime song called "Dusty", which is also part of the Magic Kingdom - Main Street USA background music. There were other songs, too.

I remember how sometimes we would play the ragtime soundtrack tape for our own listening pleasure, while we were washing, cleaning and prepping the "Ports-O-Call" and the "Kingdom Queen". Ragtime music seemed to fit the "Ports-O-Call" and the "Southern Seas" steamships real good.

The tape cartridges were specially made to fit the tapedeck cabinets, in order to play them, over the ships' P.A. system. The looping 8-track tapes played at 1-1/2 times the speed of a normal 8-track tape that you would have at home. But these were show-quality 8-track tapedecks, and that was their playing standard. "

Thought this would be interesting to pass along.