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There are many BGMs in DLRP and often little information about them available (or what there is is inaccurate).

Ones still in progress at the moment are:

Discoveryland areas.
Adventureland (not Pirates) area
Walt Disney Railroad.
There are many others but I'm trying for these at the moment. I wish I lived nearer to the park. ;)

Fantasyland doesn't have an area loop but music plays in or near individual attractions so:
Le Carousel De Lancelot. (in progress)
Alice's Curious Labyrinth. (in progress)
Mat Hatter's Teacups.
Castle area etc
Peter Pan Queue and so on.

Most restaurants have their own loop as well and outside loops can play in a very confined area.
Toad hall restaurant has been completed as has the Pinocchio Chalet .
Colonel Hathi's is also well under way.

Bear in mind that things change over the years and sometimes revert back again. Some loops are "remade" (possibly due to the license to use the music expiring etc) which may change the loop entirely or just result in a few tracks changing - either the version or the tune itself (who said this was easy) which can result in subtle changes to the loop and to the timing.

Some loops have a repeated track which can confuse the length and, sometimes, full loops don't run their full course.
many have gaps so making it difficult to know where the loop starts
Often the loop listings are taken from live recordings and then their contents written down.
To be 100% certain, this needs to be done several times and the results compared. Difficult when you don't have frequent and easy access to the Park.
A live recording is often the most accurate way to hear what plays but, again, the recording is made at a certain time and one has to hope they played the whole thing and that they don't use some random track playing - the bane of us all.