Wonderland Music Company is at WDW!!!!!


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And what's more, it's apparently been there for THREE WEEKS already...why didn't anybody tell us???

It's in the "theater" storefront, where they used to show Steamboat Willie, where they now sell Pal Mickeys, CDs and tout Disney's new Virtual Themepark online game. The Wonderland computer is next to the CDs, right near the entrance to the watch/clock shop.

CDs are $15.98 each and they currently have 55 titles to choose from. I PROMISE I will list them all (I asked them for a printout), but don't have time to do it right now. I PROMISE I will have the list done by Friday at the latest.

I bought 3 ...America Sings, Country Bear Jamboree and Date Nite at Disneyland.

The CMs said sales have been OK, not great. But there's also NO advertising for them whatsoever. So BUY BUY BUY!!!

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Orlando FL

PS - EVERYTHING at MK was a walk-on today. Thanks week-after-Labor-Day and Ophelia!
You beat me to it, Sharon! We just got back Tuesday night from WDW, after leaving Maine for Florida during the end of August(another great American road trip!). I was wondering if anyone was going to post this news during our absence.

We just happened to stumble onto the Wonderland Music CD site on Main Street, not expecting it, since I hadn't seen any mention of its' opening on the Forum.

I think all of the Wonderland LP reissues are there, which are my main interests--but nothing new in that department. I picked up the Louis Prima Robin Hood one, and Annette's Hawaiian LP, to fill in some gaps in my collection.

Time for some new entries, Randy--what's up your sleeve???



Great minds must think a like (or discover a like? lol). I was at the parks today too..because finally the crowds have gone down since the summer time, and walked into the Cinema and discovered the machines as well! I wasn't expecting it because I thought Randy would mention something giving everybody a heads up!


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I'm typing them exactly as they have them printed.

Aladdin Plus Jafar Sndtr
Alice In Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland songs
America Sings
Annette Volume 1
Annette Volume 2
Babes in Toyland
Bambi Soundtrack
Burl Ives- Chim
Country Bear Jamboree
Date Nite at Disneyland
Deep in Dixieland
Disney Afternoon
Disneyland Tour
Fess Parker
Goin Quackers
Golden Horseshoe Review
Goofy Movie
Great Moments Mr Lincoln
Haley Mills - Get Together
Hi Hi Mary Martin
House of Mouse
Instrumental Impressions
Jungle Cruise - Tiki Room (*see note)
Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp Songs
Lets Fly w Mary Poppins
Louis Prima Robin Hood
Meet on Mainstreet
Mickey Mouse Disco
Mouse House Dance Mixes
Musical Tour France
Parent Trap
Peter and the Wolf
Peter Pan
Poohs Grand Adventure
Prof Ludwig Von Drake
Rex Allen 16 Golden Hits
Sebastian and Friends
Sebastian's Party Gras
Secrets of Life
Sherman Brothers
Small World 64Wld Fr
Small World 64Wld Dr Hldy
Songs from the Sea
Splash Hits
Summer Magic
Tigger Mania
Totally Minnie
Tubby the Tuba
Ukulele Ike Sings Again

(*note - not on sale at this time. As per the CM, the cover art has a problem so they're getting a replacement from DL. Until then, the CD is not to be sold)


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Must... get... to... WDW... Hopefully I'll be there this Winter; I've been wanting Peter and the Wolf for years...

Is there a good place to read descriptions and tracklists/hear samples from these albums?


Odd that Disney is trying to prohibit the misprinted Tiki Room/Jungle Cruise cover at Walt Disney World, yet it was MONTHS after Wonderland Music Company debuted at Disneyland before they fixed it.

"The Original Sound Track of the Tiki Room and the ADVENTUROURS Jungle Cruise"

I wonder if the small world cover art copyright line ("?1963 WEB Enterprises") was ever fixed.

... atleast the audio sounds good! ;)

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I wonder if the Tiki Room album problem is a simple spelling error or something else. I noticed at DL that a few albums (America Sings for one) had covers that were extrememly low resolution for a while. So low that you couldn't read any of teh print. It looked really bad. Eventually it got fixed. Wonder if the TIki Room album is the same deal.


I recently bought some CD's from the Walt Disney World Wonderland kiosk. The kiosk is located in the Main Street Cinema, on the left wall. The kiosk allows you to see what the front covers look like and to hear samples, but don't spend a whole lot of time using the kiosk to actually place orders because you'll only have to repeat your choices to the cast member at the counter. For some reason, the interactive screen is not connected to the CD burner behind the check-out counter. Best thing to do is to look at the kiosk to see what you want and write it down if you have a long list, or just bring one of the lists posted on this site.

Each disc costs $15.98.


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I am not going to WDW until April 2006 so I hope they still have it while I am there. There are several CDs that I would like to get.
What is everyone's opinion? Should I wait and take a chance that it will still be there or should I go ahead and purchase them on Mouseshoppe?

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I'm sure the machines will still be there in April. That would barely be one quarter of the year- certainly they need to examine all of their financial data before they pulled anything like that (if heaven forbid they did).