"Wizard of Bras"??? What is this track?

Here's the description from the Disneyland Forever track list compilation:

(Main Street Corseteria) Wizard Of Bras, "Wizard of Bras" 1:19
Shop on Main Street during DL early years. Female speaker narrating "The Story Of Fashion," with "Hollywood Maxwell" and his "low cut viette" and "Pink Champagne" bras. Was "Show Narration."

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Actually this is from a short lived (July 55- Dec 56) shop on Main Street called Intimate Apparel and run by Hollywood Maxwell. Inside the shop there was a "magic mirror" which would reveal visuals to match the narration. This shop was located in part of what is now the China Closet. You know the patio on Main St.? That used to be the entrance to this shop.
You are right XS, now that Grizz added the Walt ending, I remember having to overcome the same lie about 4 or 5 years ago when DL FVR first posted it.
.the shop interior was designed to look like that of a ladies millinery .......the "magic-mirror" XS spoke of was a decorative oval mirror that was a part of an elaborate parlor fireplace..........as guests looked into the mirror a view of a typical full-dressed lady would appear.....then as the naration continued, a layer of clothes would be removed! (almost like a strip-tease magic lantern show!!!!) ........eventualy the miss would be down to her 'unmentionables" and copared to even 1955 standards, where still very heavy. Then the modern woman would appear and a similar process would begin....this time the decent from fully-dressed to the "intimate" layer was much faster!. I've never heard of Walt wanting it closed, since Disney would have been the designer of the exhibit......but I would suspect.as high profile it must have been to have leassed a space at Disneyland, i doubt many people were out to buy brais on the trip to the magic Kingdom!!

I just read something about this being the first shop to close in Disneyland recently. I want to say it was mentioned in the Imagineering coffee table book. I'll try to look around and see if I can find the anecdote.



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I can certainly see why it would be a short-lived shop. I agree with DC-88; who want's to buy bras or other undergarments at Disneyland? I'm sure it was meant more as an atmospheric place, rather than a serious bra shop. I guess all of Main Street was more authentic back then, what with having drug stores, bra shops, and the like. Kind of interesting to have a store just there for show and not intended to be a cash cow, like Main Street at DL (and especially WDW) has become now.
...Uh...I sure didn't intend this to be a mini-rant, but oh well, sorry.


Don't apologize Ben! The truth is there used to be a lot of "show" element on Main Street both in presentation and decor and these have, for the most part, been removed to maximize sales. When the evil Paul Pressler came to power most of the shops on main street were stripped of much of their charming (and therefore useless to corporate thinking) "turn of the century" details to better fit racks of clothing and give the shops a more "modern" mall oriented look. The new theme was maximum retail sales!

As we move toward Disneyland's pathetic 50th anniversary those of us who can still remember that quality, detail, and entertainment were once a part of the Disneyland experience should not remain silent. Many young fans at this point were never exposed to the vibrant well maintained theme park we remember and therefore don't fully understand why we rant and feel cheated today. But they are not fools. One only has to stroll through the semi-shuttered Tomorrow Land area to see that something is terribly wrong with Disney management. Even if you are not old enough to recall the Disneyland of the past you can see the yearly price increases, peeling paint and lack of new world class attractions as a sign of Eisner's distain for the park visitor. We are all just turnips to be bled.

Frankly I see Disney being split-up soon due to Eisner's mismanagement. Let's hope Six Flags or whoever buys it next is more motivated to actually run a theme resort rather than strip-mine it. They could always turn DCA back into a parking lot as it was WAY more convient and made A LOT more money.