Wishes & Tomorrowland loop handed out @

Just back from WDW... on Wed 1/28/04 walking to Space Mountain a CM with a stack of CD-Rs starts passing them to other CMs. As I'm passing thru the entrance, I'm able to read the handwritten label... "WISHES & Tomorrowland Loop".

I ask the guy about them. He tells me his friend @ WDI made him the copies and he passing them out to his co-workers.

I ask if he's got an extra, he says only three left and they are promised.... I offer 25 bucks and he declines.

Man, I feel like I missed a great chance.


Dr. Know

Well, if the tracks were "Wishes" and "Tomorrowland Loop," then they are already circulating all over the place. I don't know of a "Wishes loop" -- anyone here know anything?

X-S Tech

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Was he trying to get fired? If management at WDW is anything like DL they are pretty oblivious but if you circulate enough copies that openly someone's gonna find out. All it takes is some eager suit trying who's gonna bust you to make an impression.