Wishes Press cd-rom

Dr. Know

Hi gang

Here's the scoop on the press cd given out at the press preview of Wishes and Mickey's Philharmagic on October 8, 2003.

The cd is slipped into a clear plastic badge (worn around the neck) that apparently served as the press pass distributed on that evening. It is a shaped or "cut" cd with artwork featuring "Mickey's Magical Gathering" and the date "Wednesday October 8, 2003 7:00 pm, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World." Also slipped into the plastic sleeve is a cardboard schedule of events, "Your Personal Itinerary," indicating the premiere of Mickey's Philharmagic at 7:35 pm, a performance by the Brian Setzer Orchestra on the castle forecourt stage at 8:45 pm, and the permiere of Wishes Spectacular at 10:15 pm.

Playable on both the Mac and PC, the cd-rom boots up as "Disney Ticket" and includes a presentation created with Macromedia Director. Clicking on the "start" icon brings up an animated menu with Mickey Mouse introducing a slide show of images from Mickey's Philharmagic and Wishes. Clicking on Jiminy Cricket starts up the complete Wishes soundtrack, divided into 9 parts labeled (ineligantly) Song #1-9. The music files are found in a folder labeled "AUDIO" and consist of 9 mp3s recorded at 160 kbps. The first 8 are the complete soundtrack to Wishes (running 12:30) and track 9 is the exit music (a pop version of the Wishes theme clocking in at 3:24).

Until Wishes turns up on the next OA, and I can't believe that it won't happen, this press cd is the only official, albeit promotional, version available.

The score arranged and composed by veteran Disney composer Gregory Smith is quite wonderful, very much in the same vein as Believe!, but with a little more narration. Smith's new original theme is outstanding -- I just would have liked more of it.

Let's hope for a commercial release soon! :)


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

even so this might be a slightly wrong thread I wanted to comment on the statement "very much in the same vein as Believe!, but with a little more narration" by Dr. Know. I think this is the greatest problem of the show - at least for me there was already too much narration in the show. Everytime I thought the music and the show was flowing really well it was disrupted by more narration. Somehow it misses the wonderful balance between dialog and music found in Believe.

Certainly the show is a step forward from "Fantasy in the Sky" but for me it is still not up to Believe, in fact I even enjoy the way smaller "Tinkerbell's Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks at Disneyland Paris better as they flow more lively.