Wilderness Lodge Loop

Ryan Kilpatrick

New Member
On a request from a friend, I am putting together the complete Wilderness Lodge loop. I am missing only two tracks (my classical/film score collection is bigger than I thought) that I didn't already have, but I can't find them.
They are:

Siyo Tanka - by Tim R. Crawford and Paul Stavenjord, from the album "Guardian Spirits"
The Wild Ride - no more information, although I think it's from the Magnificent Seven

Anyone have information on where I could get these, or have them to trade?

Gredo G.

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Wish I could help. I have 2 discs full of music from The Wilderness Lodge and I am missing those same two tracks as well. Let me know what you find.

Gredo G.


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You did pretty good to get all the songs. At least you did better than me. I have picked up a lot of the songs but not all. The WIld Ride is not from the Magnificent Seven. I have every release of the soundtrack and that song is not on any of them. The playlist from the WL says it is from a movie The Wild Ride from 1960. Good luck in finding the last 2.