Which came first?



Can anyone shed some light on why music from the Ford Pavillion ended up in the Jungle Book?

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One of the things I always have trouble keeping straight is the difference between Buddy Baker and George Bruns. I was under the impression that Buddy Baker did the music for the Ford Pavillion but that George Bruns did the music for Jungle book. And yes the international Gardens track called Serengetti Serenade is clearly the same piece of music used in the Overture for Jungle. Can some one sort out this confusion? Is it a matter of composer vs. orchestrator?
Well, obviously the music done for the FORD Magic Skyway came first, but here's the International Garden
Music line up listed below. The dsign and fast pace of completeion for the Disney pavilonas at the fair probably left very little time for too much NEW muisic to be written, so for an area (International Gardens ) it was probably time effiecient to use available music.....especialy little known or heard muisc.

International Gardens

Nation on Wheels (1958, magic highway usa TV)
La Gaviota (1958, zorro TV)
Serengeti Serenade (1963, used Jungle Book oveture)
Disneyland '61 (for TV show same name)
Flyin' Ford (1961 Flubber)
The Flubber Waltz (1961 Flubber)
The South American Way (Ford Fair 1963)
Moonlight Time In Old Havana(Ford Fair 1963)
Join in The Swing(Ford, Fair 1963)

all were done by George Bruns.....except for Disneyland '61.