When Worlds Collide



So after rushing through security at Narita Airport I stood there waiting for the rest of my family to clear, and lo and behold, I hear familiar music. Now I'm not one of those fans who can ID a song from a single note...I need a phrase before the aged ROM in my head starts to kick in. Ultimately it dawned on me that here in the terminal of Narita Airport, I was listening to the EPCOT Entrance loop. It was the Epcot Entrance version of "Golden Dreams"...umm....never officially released...

What's going on there?!


Sweet! Don't forget there are bigtime Disney fans over there too! It was on DLF, so there was an official release at one point... though that is a very obscure piece for a place like that.
Bill, do you think there's a chance it was a promotional tie-in of some sort? While music in Japan plays such an integral role (witness the subway chimes) I'd really like to know how this music found itself at the airport!