When I Hear an Elephant Fly



I have been trying for a long time to locate someone (anyone) who has an uncorrupted copy of the Animal Kingdom Character Grove track "When I See and Elephant Fly". So far everyone seems to have the same track which is missing part of the song. After a few seconds, the audio goes out. Does ANYONE have the uncorrupted version? Was it corrupt on the kiosk?


Hi Bill,

I got my copy back in the early Napster days, & mine has the dropout just like you describe. But the real acid test is to find someone who has it on a DLF CD.


PS. I just returned from a 3-week vacation, including 1 week each in WDW and DL. I am in heaven :).


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I have a complete set of original DLF and WDWF CD's. I checked my WDWF CD with the Animal Kingdom's Character Grove track "When I See and Elephant Fly" There are no musical drop outs on my CD's track of this song. So the answer is no, it was not corrupt on the WDWF kiosks.