What's with ABMDP?



Is it me, or did Alt.Binaries.Multimedia.DisneyParks take a real nosedive this year? Seems like it happened overnight. Not sure if there was a mass migration elsewhere...if so, can anyone let me in on it?
I look at it everyday but I think the biggest issue is that most of the old posters have just about everything they want and have moved on to other things. I dont really think people are posting in other places I just dont think people have much to post anymore. A few years ago everybody wanted the Forever files or had just got high speed internet and collecting was exciting but I dont think there is much stuff that people dont have and want.
Good point, Bill; I'm only checking every other week and it looks like a river during the dry season. Maybe we should start a petition to save ABMDP (I'll have to look to our usual suspect to get it going). Nah, maybe I'll just start asking for oddball items and see what Tenay posts in response.


I've posted a few live recordings I did in 2006 at WDW:

Pirates of the Caribbean (3 versions)
Pirates of the Caribbean Chess Game music
Tomorrowland Transit Authority (with Jack Wagner breakdown spiel)
Here's my 2 cents. ABMDP used to have numerous folks who worked really hard to put together wonderful mixes of things Disney wasn't putting out. Hitchhiking Ghost did a 13 disc set, a 9 disc set and was working on another large set of Virtual Disneyland Recordings. He became disgusted that the group was no longer creating much and was posting bunches and bunches of stuff you could buy. And was annoyed (as many were) by a lack of gratitude for his efforts. People had become accustomed to taking what was offered without so much as a thank you. Previously if you posted anything, people said thanks and would offer up critiques and suggestions. The group was more lively and had actual discussions. (Of course most of this happened in ABMD before the massive posting of DVDs drove us all to ABMDP instead) So he turned to his own website and started doing amazing podcasts. For his efforts, no one supported his site financially. He has since sadly passed away. Grinning Ghost was another amazing creator of discs. His Haunted Mansion discs are legendary. RU42 used to post amazing Ride-Thru videos. Folks still post Martin Smith's tribute video. And there were several others who managed to get all kinds of great rare stuff to post. It was sort of a competitive group. Who can post the coolest most original stuff? It was a group that engaged in discussion. It was a group who actually created stuff. Not anymore. HHG passed away, Grinning Ghost doesn't have the time anymore and pretty much did all the stuff he was interested in. No one picked up the torch, No one does much. TENAY is one of the last of the best. Anything you ask for, TENAY has and posts. But most people seem to have everything already and no one seems to want to actually create something new. I myself find torrents to be much more effecient, and frankly, more satisfying. People are grateful, and people say thank you. Like all newsgroups, ABMDP needs new blood who have new stuff to post.


i hate newsgroups. but yeah... in 2004-5 the irc channel became popular and everyone got the "standard" set of stuff from the park. from there it became a chase to grab rehearsal cds and now it's just who you know. and recently there was an insurgance of interest in inductive recordings.

an abmdp rejuvination would be really pointless to me heh. not just because i've never used it but newsgroups are so outdated to me :p

as far as "making stuff"... there's the induction recordings... martin still gets his tributes posted.... i've done some videos.. dolbyman does some(dolbyman's sister too ;)). i do a lot of audio edits but i don't post them. It's not that i'm one to talk but I just never quite understood some people's enthusiasm about "hey i just bought this cd for $20.. i can't wait to post it for people to download". I'm definitely for people buying what's made available so I don't post my edits of them usually.


I agree. A couple years ago when I first started collecting audio, it seemed like there was great new material being posted on a.b.m.d.p every couple of days. Now hardly anything is posted at all. Also, most of the servers (except Dolbyman's) are gone from the IRC. I've been thinking about doing more posting to the newsgroups this summer. I really think it is still important to keep it alive so that people who are just starting to collect can easily build a good collection.

It is true that it is important to know people to collect audio. There's only so much one can get through the newsgroups, the IRC, and Rodentsections. After that, you have to make contacts. I sometimes wish it was a bit more open and less exclusive, but I guess that's the way it is.

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It's not that people were getting new stuff every day and posting it, there was simply a period where people were posting things that they always had, and to those that didn't have it, something new seemed to popped up every day. Now people's collections have been exhausted, and actual "new" stuff doesn't crop up all the time. When it does, those that get it aren't too excited about contributing it to a system that they see as "dried up". "Why should I share when no one else is". And so it goes.
I know I have almost all of the OLDER material that is out there, as does anyone who has been remotely active in the last few years. Hitchhiking Ghost had a few really choice things that have never been released that he taunted me with. I would have gotten them eventually had he lived. Sigh. But I don't really know what audio would be really exciting now. I am very happy with attraction and show video, which is much better served through torrents. I know I slowed down tremendously on ABMDP as soo as I found torrents. And as I've said, the newsgroups just don't post any appreciation for stuff. The torrents groups really do.


Okay, you guys got me thinking. I share quite a bit on Rodentsections, but I haven't shared on the newsgroups for a long time. I just posted a collection of all of the WDW Resort Hotels Area Music that I have in my collection. Most of you probably have everything I posted, but I have tried to rename and sort the music to the best of my ability.



I'll admit that I got my collection started on the newsgroups long ago, and to me, yeah, it did seem like there was something new every so often. I never really had anything to share as everything was obtained from the newsgroups, so what would I contribute.

I think once or twice I made a request and nothing showed up. I don't know if it was because it didn't exist, or because I wasn't part of the inner circle. Just silence...

Then I found dc-torrents/Rodentsections. It seemed though that even though it appeared the same people were on dc-torrents that were posting on the newsgroups, when I asked a question, I got an answer on dc-torrents. Same with IRC for the most part.

That's why I have decided to post much of my "new" stuff on Rodentsections. For whatever reason it seems to work better. First off, the files get shared to others, you can't necessarily only leech like you can on the newsgroups, but yeah I've seen loads of snatch and runs. Second, I think it's easier for people to figure out bittorrents than the newsgroups. As strange as it seems, it does seems to work. And selfishly, I can track what people are interested in by the tracker stats. I've shared some real bombs, and some that I was very surprised had any interest. In the newsgroups, I can't see that.

I'm glad now though that I can finally share some new stuff with everyone. I just wish more people were willing/able to do the same. Which is actually part of the reason I ask to keep the Magic Monday releases on Rodentsections for a while. Maybe, just maybe, someone will "get it" and share some of the holy grails we're all looking for.

I know that not everyone can capture audio/video but if just one or two people try... Which reminds me, it's time to start working on my tutorial for capturing stuff. I promised that way back in February, but never got around to it. I hope to cover some recording equipment (mostly mine), making the necessary tools (microphones, battery boxes, etc) and also how to get those induction recordings, ALD captures, and stereo recordings from around the world. Then finally, some of the post processing techinques to clean up those recordings.

But, I do check out ABMDP just about every day, sometimes I still run across something I don't think I have.
I have never believed in the inner circle stuff but if somebody gave me something and asked me not to post it then I did what they asked. I have always been willing to give anybody anything I have other then some things that were officially released. There used to be a group of people who posted on the newsgroups but after people got what they wanted or the excitement wore off people moved on to the real world and dealt with families and jobs. Very few people I have ever known online were greedy and wouldnt share what they had. If you asked for something online and were ignored it is most likely because your request wasnt seen or nobody had what you wanted. I like bit torrent but one benefit of newsgroups is that the download speed is not based on seeders and you can often download things faster.


I'm pretty sure some people in the "inner circle" can't give out most of the audio because someone could get fired or serious trouble.
I also collect concert bootlegs and sometimes you see the attitude of keeping recordings private to make them more rare which makes zero sense to me. When I find something I like I love to share it with my friends who might also love it.


You don't just keep something rare for the prestige. The fact is that some people are all about sharing and others aren't. If I have something rare it gives me leverage for when I run into someone who has something I want but insists I need to give them something. If they already have what I have, regardless if they got it from me because I posted it to Rodentsections and they got it from there or whatever, that's not good enough. They might demand something ridiculously rare in return.

So while I'm really not opposed to other people getting something I had that maybe they didn't, it's very annoying when you meet someone that won't share and you have nothing to offer because everything you had got made public.


I didn't mean for my "inner circle" comment to blow up into a heated debate. ;)

All I meant to say was that the newgroups didn't appear at first to be a hospitable place for a newbie. I find websites such as this and Rodentsections to be a little more conversational, which I think tends to open you up to better acceptance, (provided you're not a tard ;D).

I used to be pretty big into pin trading, and I gave that up because the trading just got to be too much. It was the same idea that you guys are talking about somewhat. The haves and the havenots.


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Coming back to the newsgroups after a long absence, I was also disappointed to see what happened to that group. I posted a few videos a while ago, but now there's rarely anything good posted (though I did like the hotel loops, thanks). And now that I actually have tons of hard drive space I would like to see the Forever tracks again, but who knows when that will happen, and I'm dying for any of the Hitchhiking Ghost stuff that wasn't the part of the retrospective, but haven't seen much of that.

There were some similar complaints on the Beatles group too, but they still have a pretty good output.


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I'll agree with a lot of what's said in this topic. I think the music collecting scene in general has dried up, maybe because so much became availible and people lost interest or went back to "the real world". I know that happened to me. I kind of felt like I had gotten most of what I wanted, and lost interest in downloading, so I hadn't done it in a very long time. Then, when I got back into it, and looked around, things were dead. I used to belong to an FTP server, but it's also long since dried up. Rodentsections has been the one place that seems to have life in it, and I appreciate that. I like that people can leave nice comments, and chat a bit.

I do know about those "inner circles", and they have their advantages and disadvantages. I was "accepted" into one of them because of my large Tokyo Disney Resort colllection. Something which I'm proud of, but not really something to feel I have over others....but they liked it, so I was in. The only problem was that my good friend was rejected by them, for no apparent reason, other than they must not have felt he had enough to "contribute". I felt a little burned by that, and decided that whatever I got from that group I would share with that friend because I felt like he deserved it too.

I feel the way Steve does, that I want to share what I have with people without demanding something rare (or anything, for that matter,) in return. I just like giving people cool tracks that they might not have otherwise. I did respect people's wishes to not give things out if they asked (except to give it to my friend who I trusted would do the same). I can understand Almandot's point too about keeping rare stuff to trade, but I usually ended up still not having what people wanted...some had very unrealistic demands. So, I'm kind of glad things are a bit less "hierarchal" on Rodentsections, and it's an atmosphere of sharing for sharings sake. These days, I have lost track of that "inner circle", and apparently I'm not missing much.
I am glad to see such a discussion on this topic. I have just recently started collecting and I found newsgroups to be very confusing. I think Rodentsections is much easier to understand how it works technically. I also found that many individuals here and at Rodentsections were very helpful to a newbie like me. My collection is small for now, but many of you have been able to point me in the right places to help me get what I was looking for. Since I have just started collecting, I often don't know what is out there. But everyone here and at Rodentsections are very helpful about getting us newbies some information about where to go and what to do to get our collections started. Thanks for all the help guys. I wouln't know what to do without you. As for newsgroups, I could never even figure out how to work them and didn't find a lot of resources that would help me figure them out. Since I have never used them, I wouldn't really know about "the inner circle" there. However, I thank you all for taking me into yours. ;D