What's on the new Alice DVD

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Hi, everyone. There seem to be some questions about exactly what's on the new Alice In Wonderland masterpiece edition, so here's a brief review and a rundown of the contents and songs included:

Brief review: It's great! Run out and buy it!

Okay, now the contents:

1. Yes, it contains the complete One Hour In Wonderland, coca cola plugs and all. If you've seen this on the laserdisc, you know that the best part is the entire first Brer Rabbit tale from Song of the South.

2. It also contains the laserdisc set's great Fred Waring show segment with Kathryn Beaumont, Sterling Holloway, and the very talented Fred Waring singers performing Alice In Wonderland, T'was Brillig, Very Good Advice, The Unbirthday Song and In a World of My Own.

3. The Much-hyped new Cheshire Cat song, "I'm Odd" is funny and entertaining. It's an added feature, not worked into the film itself. Sung by a sound-alike, it contains no new animation, just a lot of playing around with existing footage like they do on the sing-a-long videos.

4. The little documentary on the song "Beyond the Laughing Sky" is excellent. After the intro and explanation, we're treated to some great production art as the demo is played.

5. Also includes the "Operation Wonderland" featurette which was on the previous Alice release.

6. "Through the Mirror" always welcome.

7. Demos of Unused songs Dream Caravan, If You'll Believe in Me, Beware the Jabberwock, Everything has a Useness, So They Say, and Beautiful Soup. My personal favorite is "If You'll Believe in Me" (intended to be sung by the Lion and the Unicorn before they got axed from the movie.)

8. Walt's TV intros, trailers, The first Alice silent short film, a deleted storyboarded sequence for the film's opening segment, a nice-but-could've-been-more-extensive art gallery. All good.

9. Sing alongs. Okay.

10. The Virtual Tea Party. I was prepared to hate this thing, but I have to admit it's a very well-produced, energetically acted kids' show. The musical teapots bit actually made me smile.

11. The set-top game is about as dull as they come, though it does give you a nice long look at the backgrounds for the bottom of the rabbit hole.

That's about it. It's missing the laserdisc's radio interviews, music-only track, more extensive art and storyboard selections and demos of the songs that *were* used. Still, a pretty solid special edition.

Would've liked to see a section on the Disneyland dark ride, though.

Please, please buy this! Disney needs to be rewarded when they get something right! :)


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does anyone have alice in wonderland on old time radio shows ie .fred waring..carnation contented hour -and any
audio alice ads from 1951 used on radio..please let me know.....