Whats old is new and vice versa RE:The 50th

Now that the 50th is over... we've seen all the decor coming down...repainting going on...and now the old DISNEY font is appearing again.(which i prefer) My concern is Small World will return to the pastel colors and alternate, what i call"operatic" vocals... which i hated. Walt Disney hit alot of his attractions right on the head while he was around...Small World being one of them... The other.. Carousel of Progress... My opinion the change in lead vocal on the attraction and the way it is now sung (kinda raspy voiced with emphasis on different part of the way "TOMORROW" is pronounced in current song version. Rex Allens voice was perfect and he sang the song beautfully. With everything kinda going retro new.... it would be great to have the show brought backupdated with a rex allen sound alike for the spoken dialogue and Mr Allens vocal for singing...any thoughts.... or am i just too obssessed just how much i liked original show?